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Leading and renewing pelvic care

Best Urologists in Houston

Christi Pramudji, MD provides expert medical and surgical care for women with exceptional results. As a leader and innovator in the fields of female urology and urogynecology, Dr. Christi Pramudji brings the latest technology to her patients to treat all female pelvic conditions in Houston, TX, including bladder and incontinence disorders, vaginal surgery and regeneration, sexual dysfunction treatment, and reconstructive surgery. As a renowned physician and surgeon, Dr. Christi Pramudji’s expertise is unmatched. She is a true pioneer in pelvic health and regeneration, and has helped thousands of women in Houston, and around the region, heal and get their lives back.

Dr. Christi has now expanded her practice and her team from Houston Female Urology to become ChristiMD Medical Group which includes men’s health and a medical spa for wellness and aesthetics.   

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