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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Sexual Health

Remarkably, almost a third of American women have reported a low sex drive. Women who are suffering from a low sex drive and are unhappy about their sexual health may be suffering from Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), which is typically broken into four types: low sexual desire, arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder or painful sex.

How do you know if your sexual health is affecting you? Below are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you feel unhappy about your sexual relationship?
2. Do you feel stressed about sex?
3. Do you ever feel sexually inadequate?
4. Have you felt embarrassed about sexual problems?
5. Are your sexual problems affecting your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I encourage you to start the conversation with your doctor about your sexual health. Our Female Sexual Dysfunction clinic at Houston Female Urology is a great place to begin . I recently started the clinic because I realized that women were struggling to talk about their sexual health and they also didn’t know of a supportive environment where they could comfortably have the conversation. I am so glad our clinic can provide that healthy environment many women are looking for!

Please don’t ever forget that it’s okay to take care of yourself! If you feel unsatisfied with your sexual health please give us a call. Let my team help you feel confident and beautiful again!

To learn more about the Female Sexual Dysfunction treatment pathway at Houston Female Urology please watch our below YouTube video.