Best Rosacea Treatments Begin with Diagnosis

Common Rosacea Signs and Symptoms in Houston, Texas

Sometimes you may experience a red flushed face and acne like pimples and not realize that a deeper condition called rosacea exists.  Rosacea signs and symptoms vary so knowing how to spot these can be important to its control. This is why the best rosacea treatment begins with diagnosis.

At Dr. Christi Medical Spa in Houston, Texas, we are here to make certain you are on track to win the battle with this condition and get back on the road to fewer breakouts. Our staff will carefully diagnose your symptoms, monitor your progress and prescribe the best rosacea laser treatment for your specific set of conditions.

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Rosacea is a skin condition that effects both women and men but more commonly females. It also is found more often in fair skinned individuals and may be triggered by foods, alcohol, heat, stress, sun and even exercise. Since these vary with exposure and ingestion, rosacea may be better or worse depending on your environment.

Since some symptoms mimic acne and simple broken facial vessels, it can be hard to identify without a medical consultation. We recommend seeing our trained skin care professionals, as this can be important for correct diagnosis and product recommendation.

Other Rosacea signs and symptoms include:

  • Broken Blood Vessels (Spider Veins) in the Face or Eyes
  • Redness and Thickening of the Facial Areas Such as the Nose
  • Acne-like Breakouts
  • Sensitive Facial Skin

Although being dormant in periods, when it is present, rosacea can be a huge problem for you especially in social and employment situations. Dr. Christi and her staff want to help you get this condition under control.

Best Rosacea Treatments Include:

  • Dailey Sunscreen
  • IPL Photofacial Light Based Treatments
  • Laser Genesis
  • Skin Conditioning Products
  • Antibiotics

Often a combination of laser and light treatments and topical skin care products are recommended to help you get back to a more normal and healthy appearance.

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