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better sex for her in houston

Better Sex for Her | Cliovana Treatment at ChristiMD in Houston

When a woman has issues becoming aroused or achieving climax, she doesn’t have to continue being unsatisfied. A non-invasive, safe treatment exists which can help provide better sex for her. In Houston, if you’re like her and 60% of all women—see Dr. Christi Parmudji at ChristiMD Medical Group for Cliovana®.

This treatment may be your new lease on a love life.

What’s causing the orgasm shortfall?

60% of women is a huge chunk of the population to find their sex lives unfulfilling. There are any number of causes for that lack of satisfaction. Being able to have a satisfying orgasm whenever you want shouldn’t be one of them! 

Unfortunately, that goal seems to be unachievable for most women. Your sex-life might not be at its best if:

  • You’ve lost much of your desire for sex
  • There’s little to no lubrication when you’re aroused
  • Your orgasm is meager or non-existent

Frequently, as women get older they lose some sensation and have less blood flow in the vulva and clitoris, which impacts satisfaction. Changes in hormones also affect sensation and desire.

Being a woman doesn’t mean tolerating the appearance of cellulite, either!

Even with aging, don’t think you have to settle for unsatisfying sex. Dr. Christi Pramudji offers better sex for you and women like you in Houston with Cliovana, the non-invasive soundwave technology that can enhance female orgasms.

What is Cliovana?

Women were designed with an organ—the clitoris—that has 8 times more nerve endings than a penis. It was designed for pleasure. The Cliovana treatment sends sound waves from outside the body directly into the clitoris. These sound waves stimulate the body to increase blood flow and nerve endings, making the clitoris more responsive. This leads to:

  • Increased long-term sexual responsiveness
  • Better and more immediate lubrication
  • Better, stronger orgasms

Benefits of Cliovana

This non-invasive procedure requires:

  • No needles, probes, lasers, numbing creams, freezing or surgery
  • No downtime
  • Short time investment – 4 treatments lasting about 10 minutes each
  • Results that last up to a year or more

Since there’s no recovery time needed, you could see immediate results that night!

Cliovan treatment applicator wand at christimd in houston

Cliovana: better sex for her and her partner

For lucky women in Houston with partners who care about their satisfaction, Cliovana treatments can help both of you achieve an improved, happier sex life. The frustration you can feel trying to achieve orgasm can be shared by your partner, who also seeks to gratify your desire. They want to share that delicious, joyous feeling in your intimacy.

Cliovana can also help with the decrease in confidence some people can have due to the effects aging has on sex. Increased arousal and better, more powerful orgasms can help both of you feel better and more enthusiastic about the sex you share, erasing age from the equation.

Cellulite got you down? Boost your self-confidence in the mirror with the best cellulite treatment.

Better sex for her in Houston starts at ChristMD Medical Group

If a woman is part of the 60%, isn’t it time she increased the frequency of her orgasms as well as the intensity? There is better sex for her in Houston.

Contact us and let’s talk openly and honestly about Cliovana. Schedule an appointment to understand how you can stop being 60% of the population, and join the satisfied rest of sexually active womanhood! 

The staff members at the office Dr. Christi are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate, and are committed to ensuring that your visit is as pleasant as possible. Call ChristiMD Medical Group today.