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Scott's Journey to Reversing Diabetes

Client Spotlight: Scott’s Journey to Reversing Diabetes


Discover the Transformative Power of Lifestyle Changes and Hormone Optimization

In this client spotlight, Christi is joined by none other than her husband, Scott, as he shares his journey to optimal health. They explore how lifestyle adjustments and hormone optimization transformed his life. From battling type 2 diabetes to achieving vitality, Scott shares his experiences and insights, offering inspiration for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being.


What You’ll Learn

  • Explore how dietary changes, exercise habits, and spiritual wellness can profoundly influence overall health.
  • Discover the role of bioidentical hormone therapy, supplements, and micronutrients in achieving hormonal balance and vitality.
  • Gain insights into Scott’s journey to reversing type 2 diabetes and reaching his optimal weight, inspiring you to pursue your own path to wellness.


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Listen to the audio version below.



Christi: Hi, I am in Honolulu with my husband Scott and I thought this would be a really fun and appropriate opportunity to introduce him and give him a chance to tell his story and how our protocols have really transformed his life. So this is my husband Scott Dawe.

Scott: Hello everyone.

Christi: And we got married last year so we decided to come to Honolulu the beginning of this year to go ahead and celebrate our marriage with our family and friends and it is just a beautiful setting. And he is not only my husband but he is my business partner in the wellness spa and he’s a patient after we met and developed our relationship. He wasn’t a patient first, but anyway we just thought it’d be really fun to kind of share his story so why don’t we dive in and why don’t you tell us Scott what your health habits were like before we met?

Scott: Yeah, I think just going back 15, 20 years I’ve just always been, even in college and before that, I’ve just always been active and into fitness. And as I age and went into my 30s and 40s, of course we adjust some of the activities we take on, just to protect ourselves a little bit, but we also want to try new things. But I’ve always been active and just that was an enjoyable part of my being and I guess.

Christi: What was your goal of being active? What were you trying to accomplish?

Scott: I just always wanted to feel good and stay strong. I sensed that was really important.

Christi: You just like moving and staying healthy.

Scott: And I liked looking my best during that time.

Christi: Would you say you were in your optimal health at that time?

Scott: You know we go through different decades of our lives, our 30s and 40s, and I’ve had times where I’ve said man I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. I felt that several times.

Christi: So you were in your best shape of your life when we met?
Scott: Yeah. I felt I was in good shape but I knew I was bloated and I just carried extra weight and even despite my working out.

Christi: So you were in good health but maybe not optimal health.

Scott: I knew I wasn’t at my ideal weight. When we met a while back I was in the high 190s.

Christi: Yeah and I thought you were in good shape but you were a little bit heavy at that time. And then did you have any other medical complications related to your metabolism?

Scott: Hereditary. Developed type 2 diabetes probably 15, 12 to 15 years ago. Obviously leading up to that was diagnosis hypoglycemic. So I took that a little bit serious but probably not serious enough. So my diet, I just ate a lot of different things and I love the breads and the pizzas.

Christi: Would you say you followed the standard American diet?

Scott: What I know of it now, yes absolutely. A lot of carbs. So I just a lot of my working out was to at least maintain.

Christi: Yeah, yeah and just to be able to go out and eat and vibe and eat whatever you wanted. So you would work out to try to work off the calories.

Scott: That’s right. But without not a lot of care or caution about diabetes, not a lot of education actually on the effects of diabetes as you age if you already have it.

Christi: And it affects, it touched your life because your father had diabetes and complications from that.

Scott: Yeah, he had diabetes for many years and then he passed away actually right before we met in late 2020.

Christi: A few years ago, yep. Right?

Scott: And I just watched him as he digressed and what that disease did to him. But when he finally passed, it really impacted me. And really made me want to commit to living a healthier lifestyle and just a better diet to avoid going down that same path as he did.

Christi: Yeah, and then you also shared with me that you had a relationship goal for 2020. Do you wanna share that a little bit?

Scott: Well, yeah, going into 2020, I had some long term relationships, but I wasn’t in a relationship. And I was just tired of being single and I really wanted to find the right person for me and my soulmate, really. And so I’d set a goal going into 2020 that I would, that would be the year that I would find my soulmate and then you know march COVID hit and it changed a lot of things.

Christi: Yeah, makes it hard to date and go out and meet people.

Scott: Yeah, so fast forward into when my father passed, I came back to Houston and you know, made another commitment in late 2020, that I am going to find the woman of my dreams and that’s we met like three days after, you know, returning from that trip.

Christi: Yeah, so cool, so cool. And I was also looking for the man of my dreams and my soulmate. I was coming out of a difficult marriage and really just still believed in true love and true intimacy and really wanted to find that. So lucky me and lucky us, we met each other.

Scott: We’re blessed.

Christi: Yeah, we’re very blessed. Very blessed by God. Okay, so we met and you’re wanting to be your optimal health and then how did I, what was the first thing that, what was the first thing that impacted your health as far as what I was able to, how I was able to impact you?

Scott: Yeah, you really influenced me positively right off the bat. Christi is vegetarian and so, you know, I always wanted to eat healthier but the problem was I just didn’t know how. I probably needed coaching and you know, you go to the doctor with diabetes and they’re, you know, they, you know, prescribe you to and refer you to a dietitian or a nutritionist. I never really took advantage of those opportunities but very quickly I converted over to being a vegetarian and I learned that there’s many other ways to make a salad I just thought it was how many different ways can you make a salad, but we learned just the… Christi opened me up to the variations of diet under the vegetarian lifestyle. It’s had a big impact.

Christi: There’s so many delicious plant-based foods that you can eat and we would use kits, we had these kits that we would order and that made it easier to prepare this plant-based diet food. So that helped, how did that help you once you went plant, more plant forward with your diet?

Scot: Yeah, I certainly felt better, but I knew it was the right thing. I know that, and I’ve learned since then, being involved in, you know, ChristiMD, the benefit of having primarily a plant-based diet. And so that helped. And then we tried some different things. We tried some different approaches to whether it was fasting or different type of diet plans. Intermittent fasting, yeah. And we’ve been searching for the last two and a half or so years to find something that could really stick. Yeah.

Chrisi: Okay, so we’ll get back to that in a minute. And this whole time, I think a big part of our relationship was exercising together, right? One of the things we bonded over was we both love Orange Theory fitness. That’s where we love to go and work out. It’s a great hip workout, cardio, weight training. What are some of the other things that we enjoy doing together?

Scott: Oh, walking, hiking, anything around water. But yeah, just mixing things up.

Christi: Biking.

Scott: Mixing things up and having, you know, just trying to continue to build strength.

Christi: We kept those habits going for the most part. And then I think maybe a year after we met or maybe not even maybe sooner, I suggested testosterone treatment, right?

Scott: Yeah.

Christi: So I few months after we met actually.

Scott: Yeah. No, I got tested and I’d been tested before. And and you know it was it was low probably age appropriate you know I’m 61 now um but yeah once I once I went on testosterone and I think I’ve been through three or four cycles now, six months each. I felt fantastic and it’s just improved the whole mental clarity. I don’t have mental fog nearly as much or at all really. The energy, it’s just helped me in clarity, strength. Energy.

Christi: Yeah.

Scott: So yeah, that’s been that’s been a big boost. Yeah, yeah.

Christi: So and tell me about what kind of testosterone or tell us about what kind of testosterone.

Scott: Right. So we believe and well at the time, you know, it’s pellets, testosterone pellets. So they’re bio identical, really the best form of testosterone, I believe. And that’s what we provide for hundreds of patients in our medspa practice.

Christi: Yeah, I highly recommend bioidentical hormones for men and women, women need testosterone too and we knew we know that the testosterone levels decline with age and really impacts overall health so I recommend them just for overall health and longevity and wellness and I like the pellets because they’re easy they’re bio identical the same structure that’s in the body and it just unlocks so much potential in every part of your body. So then we also worked on, I got you onto some of the supplements, basic supplements that are very important to support the hormones, the nutrition that goes into the cell so that the hormones can do their job. They stimulate the cell to grow and to be stronger and divide. But they need the nutrients for the cell to be able to respond to the hormone.

So tell us a little bit about the different supplements that you’ve been using and how that impacted you.

Scott: Yeah, I think first, just to recap, we’ve talked about the importance of fitness and staying active, whatever it might be, walking, they say vigorous exercise, three to five days a week is critical as we age, especially we wanna stay strong, be able to climb up and down stairs without falling. The diet is so critical, so we’ve been working on really honing that. But having the hormones balanced is really only optimized when you have proper levels of micronutrients in your body. So I’ve really learned that over time, and I’ve seen other patients for them. For me it was vitamin D. It has been magnesium. Most people are, they don’t know it, but they’re deficient in magnesium. So I’ve learned a lot about that. Many other things, probiotic, collagen for the nails and just building collagen in the body I know is important. But what we’ve learned also recently at a longevity and anti-aging conference just a couple of months ago is the importance of compound called Akkermansia. Yeah, especially for diabetes. Especially for diabetes and just helping reduce inflammation in the body, which I’ve learned over time, reducing inflammation is so critical. But yeah, so fitness, diet, hormone balance is so critical for brain function and strength, and then optimizing all of that with proper supplement and micronutrient levels in the body.

Chrisit: And then I would say also, I think is so important that has really vitalized me and you is just our relationship, you know, our intimacy, our focus on really building each other up and supporting each other. I think that’s really been impactful to our health and we encourage each other.

Scott: Absolutely, absolutely. I think having a strong intimate relationship, I think everything’s interrelated, right? If you’re feeling better, if you’re strong and fit, if your hormones are in balance, it just makes the intimacy level so much easier. And so all of those things that we’ve done really contributes to that. I think all of this is just really foundational stuff and that’s what I’ve learned. There’s a lot of gimmicks out there, there’s a lot of different things to try, but just having all of those components in place, which most of us, we can do a lot of this stuff on our own without spending a lot of money.

Chrisit: Yeah. The other thing that I think is really important is our spiritual life. I think we’re both believe in God. We believe that Jesus is the son of God. We’re Christian and we practice our faith. We seek God and we recognize that we’re both a work in progress and we always need God’s help but I think just having him at the center of our relationship is super important to you. I wanted to add too, just a few months ago we kind of got into bad habits with eating. And so there’s always room for improvement and doubling down on just really watching, especially for sugar problems, watching the sugar that’s going in our bodies to help your diabetes. And you’ve noticed a big impact on that just from cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates.

Scott: Yeah, we followed a protocol that we actually practice, really following the Blue Zone protocols. And it’s, for me, it was losing and getting down to my ideal weight, which is 178. 175 and 178. And I was coming from 192. This is just six, seven weeks ago. Before we left for Hawaii, I hit 179. But the other outcome I was looking for, and Christi was really pushing for, was to reverse my type 2 diabetes. So I’m really happy to say that I’ve wore the Freestyle Monitor for the last 8 weeks as I’ve been cutting this weight. But you know, just following low carb, low sugar diet, not a keto diet, but something that was very comfortable for me and for us. So she lost the weight and got to her goal I got to my goal but my sugar levels have dropped over 40% in that time so I’m well under the path to I’m happy to report to reversing my type 2 diabetes which would be awesome because it’s just adds to our longevity and Christi wants me around for a while.

Christi: I was just about to say that yes I want you to be healthy and be around for as long as possible. Okay well we better wrap it up the sun’s about to set but this has been really fun and, oh, okay, just, well, I just wanted to say something really quick. So I hope that this inspires you to really grab, go for your best life that you can have in every way possible. And I think the foundational things that we talked about are so important. And I’d love to help you, excuse me, with your hormones, your intimacy, your micronutrients, all that is part of my protocol that I do to help patients just live their most vital best life that they can.

So thanks so much and now we’re just going to show you the sunset and then we’ll go have a toast with our friends. Aloha!

Scott: God bless you.

Christi: Okay, bye.