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Fighting Incontinence with Core Fitness in Houston, TX | MedSpa at ChristiMD

Incontinence strikes both women and men for a number of reasons. It’s especially prevalent with women who have given birth or gone through menopause. 

MedSpa at ChristiMD fights incontinence issues with core fitness in Houston, TX! As part of our Floor to Core Program, our highly-trained staff helps you give the 1-2 punch to incontinence with EMSculpt Neo and the power of EMSella

Contact us for more information about the Floor to Core Program, and read on as Dr. Christi explains EMSculpt Neo for core fitness.

What’s Your Core For?

Some people talk about core training like it’s the wonderful world of crunches. Your core is much more than that. It makes up the muscle groups in all of these areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Mid & lower back
  • Hips
  • Pelvis

Your pelvic floor is considered part of your core. We draw it out for special attention because of its unique support of eliminative and reproductive organs. The rest of your core works to support and lift the pelvic floor, and support the spine and keep it mobile.

A strong core helps you prevent injury (including hernias) from lifting or exerting force in your midriff. It also reduces back pain, improves your posture, and helps your athletic performance. A strong core provides a firm foundation for the rest of your physical goals.

And nobody minds a nice six-pack, ya know? #YummyAesthetic

How EMSculpt Neo Helps Your Core Fitness in Houston

The multiple-award winning EMSculpt Neo is the only technology that increases muscle in the treatment area while simultaneously reducing fat. 

The EMSculpt Neo Treatment: How It Works

Not everyone has time to hit the gym several times a week. That’s where EMSculpt Neo truly shines.

When you come in for treatment as part of your Floor to Core Program, you can expect your session to last around 30 minutes. It does require a short amount of time to set up the applicator pad(s), and then the actual treatment time depends on the locations and number of treatment areas. 

Once the the EMSculpt Neo application paddles are in place and you’re comfortable, high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) gets delivered into your treatment areas. This energy causes super-maximal muscle contractions—up to 20,000 per session! 

Think of it this way: can you do 20,000 crunches in a workout? Or may 10,000 crunches and then 10,000 glute contractions? Nope. But you will with EMSculpt Neo! This treatment maximizes your time at MedSpa at ChristiMD, with immediately noticeable results.

More For Your Core

As part of the Floor to Core Program, EMSculpt Neo builds powerful support for your posture, your mobility, and your pelvic floor.

It also melts fat as it works your muscles! The treatment accomplishes this through radiofrequency (RF) heating, delivered at the same time during treatment. This energy comfortably heats the fat cells until they die (apoptosis). Your body naturally—and permanently—flushes the cells and their content over time via the body’s lymphatic system. 

Several clinical studies show that EMSculpt Neo averaged 25% more muscle, and 30% less fat in the treatment areas. Your personal results vary.

Keep in mind: fat removal isn’t part of weight loss. It removes the fat cells for muscle definition/body contouring, and to help with cellulite. Consistent exercise and proper diet helps you master weight loss (and we can help there too!), and will support your core fitness in Houston.

emsculpt neo treatment at MedSpa at ChristiMD being administered for core fitness in houston tx


Is there downtime after EMSculpt Neo treatment?

No, you shouldn’t need any downtime after Emsculpt Neo. Depending on the custom intensity level of your treatment, you may experience temporary muscle soreness. 

How often can I get Emsculpt Neo treatments?

As part of the Floor to Core program, we recommend having EMSculpt Neo done once per week, with a minimum of three treatments. When done alone, most patients receive 4 to 5 treatments. 

Is EMSculpt Neo safe for core fitness in Houston?

EMSculpt Neo is FDA-approved and safe for your Floor to Core Program goals, and for your body contouring goals.

Can I have EMSculpt Neo done outside of my core?

Yes, you can have EMSculpt Neo apply it’s muscle-building and fat-reducing energies to several areas of your body:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Buttocks
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • All sides of the thighs
  • Calves

Get a Head Start on Core Fitness in Houston, TX 

The Core to Floor Program at MedSpa at ChristiMD rebuilds your pelvic floor and your core for amazing results. Contact us today to learn more, and talk about treating your concerns.

Our staff works hard every day to provide you with a trustworthy, welcoming space. We truly believe that when we feel good, we can better spread joy to those around us. Isn’t it time to approach life’s everyday challenges in high spirits?

Request a consultation and let’s go over your concerns openly and honestly. 

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