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Top 3 Benefits of Dermaplaning Near You

Don’t go to just anyone after searching “dermaplaning near me” !

When you decide on dermaplaning at MedSpa at ChristiMD, you’re choosing younger-looking skin and a mirror that smiles right back at you! Plus, you’ll be treated with care and understanding by a staff devoted to your wellbeing, inside and out.

Read on to learn the top 3 benefits of dermaplaning near you in Houston, TX.

Dermaplaning Benefit 1: Exfoliation

When your skin looks dull and “lifeless,” it’s probably because a layer of dead skin cells has accumulated. This layer steals the youthful glow from your face, and only accumulates more quickly as you get older. Aging slows the cell turnover process, so dead skin cells don’t slough away as quickly as they once did.

MedSpa ChristiMD offers dermaplaning near you that removes those top layers, uncovering your more vibrant skin layers below. It also promotes collagen production, one of the building blocks of better skin. This too combats the effects of aging, adding more plumpness and fullness to your treatment areas.

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Dermaplaning Benefit 2: Addressing Unwanted Hair

Your dermaplaning treatment cuts vellus hair off at a deeper level than “shaving.” And because the process is efficient when done with medical-grade tools and trained providers, it doesn’t cause the skin irritation (rashes, abrasions, and bumps) that regular shaving can.

The hair will eventually grow back. But if you’re not interested in permanent hair removal techniques such as laser treatments or electrolysis, dermaplaning provides a great way to brighten your skin and remove the hair for the time being.

Dermaplaning Benefit 3: Addressing Scars

The smooth scraping action of dermaplaning not only removes dead skin cells, it reduces scars. It can scrape away layers of scar tissue to reduce their appearance, whether the scars are from injury or acne. 

If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun or in tanning beds, you might suffer from actinic keratosis—rough, scaly scarring patches. Dermablading can help address these areas too! 

Dermaplaning near you may not be the best choice to reduce the appearance of deep or highly raised acne scarring, so be sure to consult your provider about which treatments might be better suited.


Houston: Welcome to the best medical spa for dermaplaning near you

Contact us, request a consultation, or call us! The staff at the Medspa at ChristiMD believes the best care comes from a passionate, experienced medical team. 

Led by renowned physician and surgeon Dr. Christi Pramudji, our group of trusted experts delivers incredible results to women and men all across Houston, TX. We would be honored to do the same for you!

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