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dermaplaning vs shaving

Debunking 4 Myths About Dermaplaning vs Shaving

Dermaplaning, also called “dermablading,” removes dead skin cells and vellus hair from your face, giving you smoother, younger looking skin without the appearance of “peach fuzz.”

Because dermaplaning uses a medical-grade scalpel that can be construed as a “razor” instrument, some people think the process is simply facial shaving. And worse, the misinformation about dermaplaning results can turn people away from a treatment that can truly help them feel better about their skin, and make their skin feel better too!

Read on for 4 things you should know about dermaplaning vs shaving, so that you can make the best choices for dermablading exfoliation treatments!

1. Dermaplaning is NOT shaving.

When comparing dermablading vs shaving, you must make the distinction that dermablading is an exfoliation technique that also happens to remove hair. Shaving only addresses hair, and usually not as cleanly or deeply as dermaplaning. 

When you have a dermaplaning treatment, it exfoliates as it removes the vellus hair. Shaving doesn’t do all of the following:

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Lift debris
  • Open pores
  • Lessen scar tissue buildup
  • Help heal ingrown hairs
  • Increase blood circulation for a healthy glow
  • Make skin itself look and feel smoother

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Beautiful smiling young woman in warm bright sunlight during autumnal walks after having dermaplaning near me

Related: what is dermaplaning’s full set of benefits?

2. Your hair will NOT grow back thicker & darker.

This is one of those “if we had a nickel” moments. Dermablading removes the top layer(s) of dead skin cells from your face. It also cleanly and deeply removes those fine hairs that annoy you. 

It doesn’t kill the hair follicle, so the hair will eventually grow back. But, unlike the rumors—that hair does not grow back any thicker or darker than it was in the beginning. 

This is where we insert the “heavy sigh” emoji. Contact us with any questions about this, or to share any rumors you might have heard. We’d be happy to dispel them so that you have the truthful information to address unwanted facial hair.

3. Dermablading does NOT hurt.

This is a common question when first talking about dermablading: “will it hurt?” Because it uses a scalpel to scrape away not only hair, but the top layers of dead skin, some people are worried there will be pain.

Consider your worries put to rest: dermablading should be painless! (And if you’ve gotten dermaplaning from another aesthetician in Houston that has, please don’t ever go back.) Many clients actually find the process relaxing and soothing. From the massage-like pre-wash to the gentle application of toner, and then the dermablading process itself, clients walk out with a fresh feeling to their skin, and a “glow” that only gets better in the next 2 to 3 days.

Plus, a trained, qualified provider like our staff at MedSpa at ChristiMD will make sure the correct pressure is applied so you won’t have any abrasions or irritation. Shaving rarely offers the same quality of equipment, nor the expertise in the hand holding the blade.

4. Dermaplaning does NOT increase breakouts.

Have you ever seen someone who pressed too hard while shaving, or used an old, dull blade? Red dots almost like pimples can suddenly appear where they shaved, plus the area can swell and appear red and irritated. 

Remember that dermaplaning is not shaving! When you come to a medical spa like the MedSpa at ChristiMD, your provider should have the professional-grade tools and training to exfoliate your skin and remove the appearance of vellus hair without irritation or damage.


Dermaplaning vs Shaving: What Dermaplaning IS

Now that you know 4 points about what dermaplaning isn’t, let’s talk about what it is.

  • Dermaplaning/dermablading is surprisingly fast. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes for a treatment.
  • Dermaplaning/dermablading is comfortable. Many clients find it relaxing.
  • Dermaplaning/dermablading is safe. When done by a professional, there are zero worries.
  • Dermaplaning/dermablading is almost universal. Practically every skin type can benefit.
  • Dermaplaning/dermablading is useful to combat aging. It promotes collagen and improves cell turnover.

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Ready to know more about dermaplaning vs shaving?

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