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Don’t Just Manage Menopause Symptoms

“Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!”

Ever heard that saying before? Sure. We all have. For many post-menopausal women “just deal with it” is not an acceptable answer when it comes to menopause symptoms such as vaginal pain, dryness, and lack of elasticity due to a decrease in estrogen levels.

monalisa logoAnd guess what? Pre- and post-menopausal women are losing estrogen at a rapid rate. When estrogen levels decrease, vaginal walls are no longer plump and healthy. Instead, everything becomes thin and more likely to tear and bleed. Not very fun symptoms to just “deal with”.

According to the North American Menopause Society, 17 to 45 percent of post-menopausal women say they find sex painful. This condition, known as dyspareunia, is most common over the age of 50. Constant fear of pain is no bueno. It would at the very least cause you to second guess yourself and at its worst cause you to avoid sex completely. It would be completely exhausting! Yet, up to 45 percent of women are dealing with the symptoms.

Move Beyond Menopause Management

There’s little one can do about ruining a perfectly good shirt to a spill, but when it comes to your health there are options and treatments, not just quick fixes.

christimd_menopause-01Don’t just manage, tolerate or get by with menopause symptoms by using your standard over the counter creams or pills. (Suppositories, anyone?) Now you can deal with the root cause and enjoy a more satisfying sex life and overall vaginal health.

Dr. Christi was the first physician in West Houston/Katy and the first Urologist in Houston to offer MonaLisa Touch. This newfound treatment for post-menopausal women helps to restore feminine health and sex life to the way it was before menopause.

This painless, minimally invasive procedure uses focused heat energy from a fractional CO2 laser to rejuvenate the vaginal walls. It is a quick, 5-minute procedure that targets unhealthy vaginal tissue, gently removes them, and then stimulates the remaining tissue into self-rejuvenation. Dormant cells in the vaginal wall now have increased blood vessels, collagen and elastin.

Just Deal with It!

So, if we’re going to “just deal with it,” let’s deal with it by kicking it all to the curb. The average patient needs three treatments spaced six weeks apart and then one yearly touch up. There are no side effects, so normal activities can resume immediately. You will notice more comfortable vaginal walls during intercourse even after one treatment, so expect less tears, more elastin and more lubrication.

There’s more benefit to MonaLisa Touch than just restored vaginal health and sex life. Because of the healthier environment, normal flora returns, protecting you from both vaginal and bladder infections. You also have a decreased risk of urinary tract infections. Added perk!

menopause game changerOther good candidates for MonaLisa Touch are women who are going through breast cancer treatments or taking medications including Tamoxifen, Femara, Arimidex, and Aromasin, as these block the effects of estrogen and cause a medical menopause.

The Ultimate Game-Changer

Dr. Christi refers to this new treatment as a “game-changer.” Because that is exactly what it is. Her ability to raise the bar in female urology has proven to tap a need that women in the past have merely dealt with. Houston Female Urology is dedicated to the needs of women in all areas of pelvic restoration and vaginal health. She prides herself in offering the latest and most proven technology to help women on the path to get their lives back.

Vaginal restoration after menopause is possible. This is why MonaLisa Touch is a game-changer. Don’t just manage the symptoms, put on your big girl panties and deal with them once and for all! To schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Christi’s office at (281) 542-8124.