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Don’t Let Your Bladder Ruin Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you have proclaimed that 2018 will be the year you become a healthier person. You will eat better foods, drink more water and exercise more. You will go to bed earlier, and spend more time nurturing the relationships most important to you.

But, have you ever thought about how your urological and pelvic health affects your overall well-being? When you are dealing with bladder problems or other feminine concerns, it’s pretty hard to take control of your general health.

Here are some of this year’s top resolutions that may be impossible to achieve until you get your urological health under control:

  1. Exercise more. If you suffer from stress incontinence, then whatever level of exercise you are currently doing is already making you pee in your pants. Why would you want to make that worse?
  1. Eat and drink healthier. Adding to your water intake is great, but if you’re already dealing with urinary incontinence, drinking more water just adds to the problem.
  1. Get more sleep. You know something that might help you sleep more soundly? Not getting up to go to the bathroom several times. Going to bed earlier may only mean more time for additional bathroom trips before sunrise.
  1. Focus on relationships. Your relationship with your significant other deserves your full attention, and intimacy is important. But for many menopausal women, physiological changes make intimacy unpleasant and something to avoid. Improving your sexual health can make huge strides in keeping your relationship solid.

So…now that you know how your pelvic region affects your overall health, it’s time to make a change. At Houston Female Urology, we have a NEW way to improve feminine wellness. We have added one of the newest technologies for bladder control and pelvic restoration, and we are the first urology practice in the city to offer the procedure. The in-office treatment is non-surgical, non-hormonal and painless. Click here to learn more.

Call our office at 281.823.9380 to schedule a consultation, and we’ll get started on a plan just for you.

Cheers to a healthy you!
-Dr. P

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