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Dr. Christi shares her personal journey with hormones

Dr. Christi’s Personal Hormone Journey


Dr. Christi shares her personal journey with hormones and how they have improved her life and the lives of her patients. From libido, brain fog, sleep, mood, and overall health, Dr. Christi believes that hormones are foundational to optimal health and wellness as they stimulate cell growth and prevent aging.


What You’ll Learn

  • How hormone replacement therapy can improve symptoms such as low libido, brain fog, and mood swings
  • Why hormones are foundational to optimal health and wellness as they stimulate cell growth and prevent aging
  • When to seek hormone replacement from a professional to enjoy life to the fullest in middle age


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Early Menopause and the Quest for Balance

Dr. Christi’s story begins with her early encounter with menopause at the age of 40, a time when most women are still years away from this natural transition. Faced with debilitating symptoms such as severe fatigue and brain fog while juggling the demands of a busy surgical practice and raising small children, Dr. Christi felt compelled to challenge the conventional medical wisdom of the time, which largely advised against hormone therapy due to concerns raised by the initially flawed Women’s Health Initiative study.

The Decision for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Driven by her deteriorating quality of life, Dr. Christi made a bold decision to explore hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This decision was not taken lightly; it was informed by her understanding that if it’s biologically natural for women to maintain their hormones until their 50s, it made sense to replenish what her body was prematurely losing. With the support of her gynecologist, Dr. Christi began her journey with HRT, initially focusing on replacing estrogen and progesterone.

A New Chapter with Testosterone

Dr. Christi recounts how a discussion with a pharmaceutical representative led her to consider testosterone supplementation. After thorough research and training, Dr. Christi not only started administering testosterone pellets but also underwent the treatment herself. The results were profound. The immediate improvement in her libido was just the beginning; she also experienced significant enhancements in mental clarity, mood, and overall vitality.

Training and Education in Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Christi’s commitment to hormone therapy deepened as she pursued advanced training to become a specialist in bioidentical hormones. Understanding the precise science and dosing of these therapies allowed her to fine-tune her approach, benefiting not just herself but also her patients. This holistic and informed approach underscores the importance of personalized care in medical practice, especially in fields as complex and nuanced as hormone replacement therapy.

Beyond personal benefits, Dr. Christi discusses the foundational role of hormones in maintaining optimal health and wellness. Hormones are not just about managing the symptoms of menopause; they play a crucial role in cellular functions, muscle mass maintenance, and even the health of internal organs. As we age, the natural decline in hormone production can be mitigated through thoughtful, scientifically-backed hormone replacement strategies, potentially delaying the physical declines associated with aging.

A Message of Hope and Faith

Dr. Christi concludes the podcast with a heartfelt message about the spiritual and emotional dimensions of health. She emphasizes the significance of faith and purpose in building a fulfilling life, and how medical advancements like hormone therapy can enhance our ability to live fully and vibrantly in alignment with God’s plan for us.

Join the Journey

We invite you to listen to this enlightening episode of the Christi MD Podcast, where Dr. Christi shares not only her medical expertise but also her personal experiences and spiritual insights. Whether you are considering hormone therapy or simply interested in learning more about maintaining vitality through middle age and beyond, this episode is a valuable resource. Share it with friends and loved ones, and join us as we explore the fullness of life through health, knowledge, and faith.

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