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Unmatched Technology for an ideal silhouette

No matter who you are or what your schedule is, it’s hard to make it to the gym every single day. But no matter how busy you are, you deserve to look and feel your best!

ChistiMD Med Spa offers a way to sculpt your muscles without hitting the gym with Emsculpt Neo in Houston, a muscle sculpting device that offers personalized treatments based on your fitness level, body shape and goals. Unlike other forms of body contouring, Emsculpt Neo allows you to burn fat AND build muscle—all at the same time.

Treatment details

Treatment type


# of Treatments needed


Treatment time

30 Minutes



Abdominal muscles


Inner, outer, front, and back of thighs




How it works: body sculpting with Emsculpt Neo in Houston

Benefits of body sculpting in Houston

There are a number of benefits for patients interested in using Emsculpt Neo for their body sculpting treatments, including:

Simultaneously reduces fat cells and tones muscle

Strengthening, toning and firming of multiple, customizable treatment areas

Customized treatments for your fitness level, shape and goals

No downtime

Real results

Your Emsculpt Neo results

Patients can expect to see remarkable results in as few as four treatments. You may even see visible results in as little as two treatments. You can expect maximum, visible results 8-12 weeks after the session. Patients can expect gentle contractions that slowly increases in intensity, but it remains comfortable. Unlike the gym, there is no downtime, and it provides a pain-free experience.

a passionate, experienced medical team

Choosing the right medical spa is the key to realizing the best outcomes.

The ChristiMD staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We are all brought together by a commitment to providing a trustworthy, welcoming space for every visitor who walks through our doors.

Operating inside Methodist Medical Office Building Two, we have access to highly advanced medical treatments that aren’t available under one roof anywhere else in Houston.

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