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Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat

Body Sculpting

Tired of all those countless hours at the gym, counting calories or listening to empty promises of fat-reducing diets that simply don’t work? Have you looked in the mirror only to see stubborn fat around your core or find underarm fat pockets that your dieting plan is just not attacking? Don’t despair. Good news is on the horizon in Houston and Katy, Texas.

There are answers that may help you get rid of unwanted fat and destroy your fat cells permanently! Sound too good to be true? Read on to find how people are reducing fat and contouring their bodies with the latest non-surgical procedures.

You may have those annoying stretch marks that come after weight loss or weight gain from pregnancy or want to reduce saddle bags, firm those thighs or minimize cellulite. We’ve got all this covered with the latest technology in one of Houston’s most luxurious and new medical spas for women and men, ChristiMD Med Spa.


Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Options

Thankfully, there are new FDA-cleared treatments available to target different areas of your body. These provide various degrees of fat loss, some even permanent, without undergoing surgery. Another huge benefit is that there is typically no downtime.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery,” non-surgical fat reduction includes minimally invasive treatments that selectively break down fat cells in specific areas to reduce the size of subcutaneous fat…”. These are areas of fat that are right beneath the skin and above the muscle.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting and Contouring Procedures

truSculpt® and truSculpt ID®

This quick, non-surgical procedure provides permanent fat reduction in areas such as the abdomen, upper leg “saddlebags” and inner thighs. With its powerful and patented radiofrequency technology, the fat cells will be safely destroyed while the surface of your skin is protected with real-time temperature control for safety and efficacy.  These devices can be adjusted to your individual needs and weight loss goals.

truSculpt iD treats the subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction”  3  Somenek MT, Ronan SJ, Pittman TA. A Multi-Site, Single-Blinded, Prospective Pilot Clinical Trial for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction of the Abdomen and Flanks Using a Monopolar 2 MHz Radiofrequency Device. Lasers Surg Med. 2021 Mar;53(3):337-343

Most patients find truSculpt® quite a comfortable treatment, leaving them with a feeling similar to a hot stone massage.  It is also fast. With truSculpt ID ® it is now possible to treat both the abdomen and thighs simultaneously in 15 minutes.  You will find it so easy that you could do the treatment during your lunch hour.

You may be wondering about the results.  While it starts to work immediately, you will see the majority of the effects after the 12 Week period as fat cells are broken down, providing you a 24% reduction in irreversibly damaged fat on average.


Another product that is time tested is the Titan procedure. It works remarkably on lax tissue and skin. If you have recently lost weight, experienced sagging skin due to aging, or had a baby that has left your abdomen less than perfect, the Titan may be your answer.

It provides infrared controlled heating to stimulate new collagen. Treatments are performed about a month apart. You may see some initial improvement immediately, but the majority of the benefit is yet to occur as the collagen fibers grow and build over the next 30-90 days.

Most patients see results after 2 -3 treatments.

Secret RF

Secret RF is another great product that can tighten lax skin on the abdomen and face as well as reduce stretch marks and skin imperfections. Since it uses radio frequency technology, it can be combined with other treatments, and is often referred to as the gold standard for skin rejuvenation.

With its radio frequency technology, you get the benefits of resurfacing as well as deep dermal heating that starts your new collagen fibers growing.

Because it is such a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment, not only will it stimulate new collagen, but it can also be used to treat those unsightly stretch marks from wear and tear on our bodies.

Secret Pro

One of the latest body contouring and skin rejuvenation procedures is the Secret Pro. It provides two clinically proven technologies in a single device. By combining fractional CO2 for skin resurfacing and radiofrequency microneedling, you get an amazing treatment that penetrates the full thickness of the skin levels. From your epidermis down to your deep dermal layers, the Secret Pro resurfaces and stimulates collagen for skin tightening.

This technology is so adjustable that it can be used on all skin types and be adjusted to meet your needs for minimal to no downtime.

Proven Results

At Dr. Christi’s new medical spa, ChristiMD Med Spa, both men and women are finding they can re-shape and contour their bodies with a combination of procedures and techniques. Dr. Christi believes that bodies should be a natural reflection of the beauty they deserve.

By listening to patients like yourself, she and her staff develop an individualized treatment plan that allows you to be the best body possible.

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