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The ProLon Diet — How to Prevent Kidney Stones During the Summer

Just like a number of other summer issues, the key to attacking kidney stones is diet — specifically, the ProLon Diet.

What is the ProLon Diet?

The Prolon Diet was invented by Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California and The Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan.

Longo created the diet after completing his research on how specific diets can mimic fasting in hopes of enabling the body to experience the health benefits of a prolonged fast without the hunger pangs and energy dips that people experience with most fasts.

More specifically, the ProLon Diet is low in calories, protein, carbs and high in healthy fats. It tricks your body into thinking it’s fasting while still providing your body the nutrients that it needs.

The diet consists of a five-day meal plan that is designed to provide all of the health benefits of a water-only fast but without hunger or low energy levels that one would normally expect. The Prolon Diet features mostly plant-based foods that do not contain unnatural ingredients or preservatives. A major benefit to this diet is that it allows you to eat scientifically researched micro and macronutrients in exact combinations that provide necessary nutrients in a way in which your body won’t be able to recognize it as food.

How does the ProLon Diet help prevent kidney stones?

The answer is just as simple as someone trying a new diet or fast. It greatly benefits the body to reset the digestive tract. People will usually do this by fasting, but when kidney stones are one of your biggest concerns and fasting doesn’t quite seem like a great fit for you, the ProLon Diet is the perfect solution to keep yourself hydrated, nourished and confident in your body’s ability to fight off those unwanted kidney stones so you can enjoy the fabulous summer weather with your friends and family.

ChristiMD Medical Group’s Approach to the Prolon Diet

For many people, it’s not as easy as just jumping into a new diet and sticking to it. Luckily, help is available through ChristiMD Medical Group.

The Wholist Program at ChristiMD Medical Group starts with an hour-long appointment purely dedicated to improving your lifestyle and safely modifying your diet.

During this appointment, the Physician Assistant (PA) will review your urine analysis as well as your current diet and develop a more appropriate plan for your health going forward. You will walk away with an action plan and homework — your new “coach” making it extremely easy and clear how to maintain this change. Most importantly, not only is all of this covered by insurance, but the PA will also discuss and offer ProLon meal plans so you can prevent those pesky kidney stones all summer long.

To learn more about our ProLon Diet options or set up your appointment to start the Wholist Program, please contact us at (281) 717.4003.