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Each woman’s labia minora and majora are slightly different, and all are considered medically normal. But when age, genetics, childbirth, or declining hormone levels may lead to unwanted changes in the appearance of labia. Some women choose to reduce the size of their labia through a labiaplasty.

Women choose labiaplasty to return their enlarged or droopy labia to its previous smaller, symmetrical shape and size. Sometimes an enlarged labia makes women feel uncomfortable with their appearance, and it may cause discomfort when wearing certain clothes or riding a bike.

Treatment details

Treatment type

Sexual Wellness

# of Treatments needed


Treatment time

About 2 hours


About 1 week

Pain and irritation in the labia

Enlarged or droopy labia

Incontinence and feminine health issues


How labiaplasty in Houston works

Benefits of Labiaplasty in Houston

Improved confidence

Improved vaginal function

Improved appearance

Painless surgery

Long-lasting results

Real results

Your Labiaplasty results

Following your labiaplasty in Houston, you will need to take it easy for a few days. Sexual activity may be resumed once you are completely healed, usually 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

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