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Softer, smoother skin for years to come

Bothered by shaving, ingrown hairs and simply the annoying sight of hair where it shouldn’t be? Laser hair removal helps you simplify the process, get rid of those bumps, and achieve smoother skin.

Dr. Christi brings to you the safety and effectiveness of superior hair removal with the use of a concentrated laser light delivered by the first laser to carry FDA clearance for permanent hair reduction on Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV: the ND Yag. While laser hair removal may or may not be new to you, Dr. Christi’s highly acclaimed ND Yag laser may be. The Cutera Long Pulse: Nd Yag laser (1064nm) is a technology known for excellent laser hair removal results and skin safety. Being able to combine these two is not always an option for every laser across all skin types.

The ND Yag comes with engineering capable of raising the heat to the desired level quickly before the hair follicle cools— all while protecting the outer skin with a patented internal cooling device. 


Treatment details

Treatment type


# of Treatments needed

4 to 6

Treatment time

Under 1 hour





Upper lip






How laser hair removal works

Benefits of laser hair removal in Houston

Dr. Christi selected the most color-blind laser with the highest efficacy and safety for darker and lighter skin tones. This technology is what delivers the outstanding results of long-term hair removal.

Advanced technology

Works on all skin tones

Real results

Results of laser hair removal in Houston

Following your treatment, the affected hairs will begin to fall out over a period of days and weeks. You may think you are having a hair growth spurt, but it is only the natural progression of the process. Since hair grows in phases, and you will only be able to target those hairs attached in the bed—not the ones on the way out—you will require multiple treatments to achieve greater permanent reduction.

At times, hairs can remain dormant, unpredictable, or untreated when not in the anagen phase. Because of this, you may need touch ups or maintenance treatments over time.

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