leva® for Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

leva® for UI and PFD

Were you aware you have pelvic floor muscles that support your organs such as your bladder and bowels? If you are experiencing urinary leakage when you walk or exercise this could be from a difficult childbirth or surgery that can lead to pelvic floor muscle weakness. Have limited time for office visits? There is an answer!

Many times the cause is simply unknown. Since there are muscles supporting your bladder and pelvic organs, losing their strength can lead to leaking problems.  Latest advancements in digital pelvic floor strengthening now offer hope for fewer urinary incontinence symptoms and regained continence.

What is leva®?

With the development of a new FDA approved non-surgical device called leva®, you can begin to regain pelvic floor muscle strength and be on the path to better self-confidence all in the privacy of your home. Patients are regaining movement without fear of leakage or constant bathroom trips.

Dr. Christi is one of the first to bring leva® to patients in the Houston, Texas area for treatment of stress, mixed and mild to moderate urgency urinary incontinence.

How Does leva® Work?

This device consists of 2 components designed to help train your pelvic floor muscles back into shape while providing feedback on your progress saving you time all in the privacy of your home. In just one initial session, Dr. Christi will prescribe the device and offer personal instruction on its use prior to beginning the training program.

With its unique ability to allow digital visualization of pelvic floor muscle areas and feedback on effectiveness of use, you can track, share and monitor your rehabilitation process.

The two components include:

  • leva® Pelvic Digital Health System
  • EmbaGYN Pelvic Floor Exerciser


What Are the Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Weakness?


At times these are some of the symptoms of pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction but could be results of other conditions. This is why it is important to see Dr. Christi and her staff on an initial visit to ensure accurate diagnosis. At times, more significant medical issues may need addressing or you may want to combine other vaginal rejuvenation treatments such as Cliovana, ThermiVa or MonaLisa for faster results and sexual vibrancy.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Symptoms



  • Leakage of urine or stool
  • Frequency of urination
  • Constipation or constant straining with bowel movement
  • Starting and stopping during mid-stream of emptying your bladder
  • Ongoing pelvic pain in your genitals or rectum without a bowel movement
  • Lower back pain
  • Female pain during intercourse

How Long Does It Take to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles?



Improvement is usually seen in 4-6 weeks. Being able to get immediate feedback from the leva® digital app with identification of correct muscle performance makes the process faster with real results.

If you are experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction there are answers. Dr. Christi is known for her success and excellence in both urology and urogynecologic treatment of women’s urinary and bowel incontinence symptoms.

Call our office at (281) 717-4003 or schedule your appointment to get moving toward freedom from urinary and bowel leakage.

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