low testosterone treatment in Houston, TX

High Hopes for Low Testosterone


Low Testosterone Treatment in Houston, TX

Testosterone is an important hormone. This hormone is primarily responsible for male development, appearance, and sexual function. It also plays a role in muscle mass, sex drive, bone density, male pattern fat distribution, and mood.

Dr. Christi can help when your testosterone levels drop below your optimum level.

Treatment Details

Treatment type

Surgical (small incision)

Treatment frequency

Varies depending on the length of treatment

Treatment time

30 minutes



What It Treats

Low libido



Sudden weight gain

And more

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How Low Testosterone Treatment in Houston, TX, Works

Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment in Houston, TX can include:

Increased libido

Improved energy levels

Decreased erectile dysfunction

Improved sexual performance

Increased muscle mass & strength

Increased energy

Decreased body fat

Real results

Results of Low Testosterone Treatment

Though some treatments may take weeks to show full results, we only offer options that address both the symptoms and the root cause or your erectile dysfunction.

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