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Bladder Botox: A Surprising Solution for Overactive Bladder


Botox Isn’t Just for Faces

About 20 years ago, researchers began to use Botox for quadriplegics who had spastic bladders. The Botox injection proved to be so effective, they next tried it out for people with overactive bladder. The results were life changing.

Dr. Christi has used Botox to improve women’s lives for over 9 years, refining the technique to make it very easy on her patients.

Treatment Details

Treatment type


Treatment frequency

2 times a year or more

Treatment time

45 minutes to 1 hour


A few hours to a full day, for the pain alleviation medicine or general anesthetic to wear off.

What It Treats

Overactive bladder

Spastic bladder

Urge incontinence

How It Works

Benefits of Bladder Botox

Great alternative when medicine & exercise don't work

Fewer strong urges to go to the bathroom

Less waking up at night from urges

Allows more time to get to the bathroom when you feel the need

Lasts for up to 6 months

Convenient outpatient treatment

Frequently covered by insurance

Real results

Results of Botox Overactive Bladder Treatment in Houston, TX

Around ten days after the treatment date, you should see a reduction in your urgency to urinate and “accidents.” Full effects arrive within 12 weeks after treatment.

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