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Selfless Moms Choose Healthy Bodies: And why you shouldn’t feel guilty

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, right after you had a baby, everything just sort of bounced right back into place immediately? Even the moms you feel are completely rocking this post-partum thing would probably admit it took extra work and attention. Even still, some parts of the body just don’t feel completely the same anymore. It’s a natural process. Your body grows with new life, expands, and reshapes over the span of up to nine months and then the reversal? Well lets take a deep breathe… maybe not so immediate, either.

Moms tend to unselfishly put their baby’s needs above their own. And for good reason, too! They need you. Your new child completely depends on you for all of their love, support, nourishment, sleeping, diaper changes…everything! It is during this shift-of-care phase that new habits are developed. You skip the healthy breakfast and opt for something quick and packaged so you can get the diaper bag ready to leave the house. You don’t make time for the gym because you feel as though you just ran 50 marathons trying to keep small humans alive for the last 12 hours. You finish the half-eaten PBJ your toddler left because, after all, an empty plate is a happy plate!

The excuses are endless and everyone has been there. You are not alone!

Let Go of the Guilt

The best way to start taking care of yourself is to let go of the guilt associated with taking care of yourself. It can be so easy to feel guilty for the time you take for yourself. But, think of it this way, the healthier your body, the better you are at caring for your children. When you are less fatigued, you can finish the day strong. A healthier mom is a healthier caretaker.

So, budget for that massage. Find a babysitter to go get your nails done. Ask Grandma to stay an extra thirty minutes while you run to the gym. Put something on the calendar each month that you can look forward to – kid-free!

Whatever season of life you are in, there are small, easy steps you can take to improve your health. Here are some examples:

Opt for Water

Do you like to drink water? This is an easy, no-brainer way to adjust to a healthier lifestyle. Your body needs the hydration in order to restore your body. More water equals more elastin in your skin. Not to mention your organs and bowels need the constant hydration to maintain proper function.

Buy a cup you like. Add a flavor. Buy a bubbly soda-water. Keep extra bottles in your car. Order water instead of tea or soda at the restaurant (you don’t have to get the combo meal). Whatever you need to do to stay hydrated!

Get Moving!

“But I already move too much! I’m exhausted!” Yes. It’s true, busy moms are on the move. But how much of it is purposeful? Put on a song and dance with your baby, squat, lift them over your head, plank. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Jog to spice it up. Make it fun! There are small things you can do each day to turn mindless moving into purposeful exercise.

Choose Snacks Wisely!

Not only are healthy snacks a good choice for you, they are also a good habit to form when your baby starts to become a toddler and wants more than just milk and baby food. It takes no more time to slice an apple than it does to drag out the bag of chips and rip it open. Interestingly, when you start to make these choices for yourself, you will notice your children wanting these snacks as well. The more you eat them, the more you will crave them. Keep snacks in the car with you so you won’t be tempted by the smell of fries wafting through your AC vents. When you consistently make healthy choices throughout the week, then on the rare day you splurge with the scoop of ice cream, it becomes all the more sweeter. Literally.

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