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Many women have some form of sexual dysfunction. Dr. Christi helps women determine the root of their dysfunction, and guides them through the most appropriate treatment. We have many options, and there is hope for restoring your intimacy and improving your marriage.

What are the 4 types of sexual dysfunction?

  1. Low Sexual Desire: lack of interest or desire in intercourse. This is very common among women.
  2. Arousal Disorder: lack of physical response, such as lubrication, to sexual stimulation.
  3. Orgasmic Disorder: inability or difficulty achieving orgasm.
  4. Pain Disorder: pelvic pain during intercourse.

How does Dr. Christi evaluate sexual dysfunction?

When a patient comes to see Dr. Christi about sexual dysfunction, we understand that she is probably shy and embarrassed to talk about the issue. Dr. Christi listens with compassion, and without judgment, so that she can get to the root of the problem and help you. You will fill out sexual dysfunction questionnaires, have a thorough history and physical examination, hormone testing and possibly imaging.

What treatments are available?

Dr. Christi takes a multi-disciplinary approach to sexual dysfunction. Since she does not do Pap smears, please make sure that that is done by your primary care physician or gynecologist prior to your appointment. It is very important to confirm it is normal.

Surgical repair
Based on the physical exam, you may need surgery, especially in the case of prolapse (fallen bladder/vagina) and pain. You can feel confident that Dr. Christi will use her gentle, skilled surgical skills to address your problem in the appropriate manner.

Pelvic floor physical therapy
This treatment is useful when there is muscle pain. Dr. Christi knows the best physical therapists in the area, and they are gentle and skilled at assessing the entire pelvic girdle and using unique techniques to relieve the pain.

Hormone replacement
Your lab work will determine if you need hormone replacement. Dr. Christi can insert testosterone pellets or provide testosterone cream. This can be very helpful as testosterone plays a big role in sexual drive and response, and can also affect bladder function. She also can provide estrogen replacement, if indicated.

There are medications and other hormones that can help with sexual dysfunction. Wellbutrin and Addyi are great for improving sexual desire and drive. Also, it is possible that some of your current medications are decreasing drive and need be adjusted.

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation
Dr. Christi is proud to offer the most advanced treatments to restore your vaginal health and function. Both the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment and the ThermiVa radiofrequency treatment are great options to rejuvenate the vaginal walls, improve comfort, decrease pain, and in some cases tighten up loose walls.

Counseling and sex therapy
Sexual dysfunction is often caused, in part, by relationship factors. Counselors and sex therapists can help you approach the problem from that angle, while we work on the medical aspect.

Regardless of the cause of your sexual dysfunction, there are options and there is hope for you!

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