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Sexual Dysfunction Treatments for Women in Houston

The term “sexual dysfunction” may sound ominous, but it covers a variety of issues, big and small, that get in the way of a woman’s full sexual experience. 

At ChristiMD Medical Group, we offer sexual dysfunction treatments for women in Houston to address these issues. We help women achieve better satisfaction with their love life, and their daily life.

If there’s something taking away your desire, your pleasure, and/or your enthusiasm about your sexual relationships, that’s sexual dysfunction. According to the Mayo Clinic, “About 40% of women in the U.S. report they have had some kind of problem with sexual function.”

Contact us if you’re having issues with your sex drive or physical ability to enjoy sex. Let’s have an honest, open discussion about what’s going on. If Dr. Christi feels ChristiMD Medical Group won’t be able to provide the best solution for your specific needs, don’t worry. She will direct you toward a qualified doctor who can help, because our first and foremost goal is your health

4 Types of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Dr. Christi Pramudji is the founder of ChristiMD Medical Group, and a leader and innovator in the fields of female urology and urogynecology in Houston, TX. She has defined 4 types of sexual dysfunction in women that most commonly cause pain, distress, or lack of fulfillment.

Low Sexual Desire

Sexual desire, also called libido, involves the urge or desire to have sex. The minimizing or loss of this drive is very common among women. For some women that causes no distress, but in many women it’s an issue that affects both their physical health, and their psychological well-being.

Women negatively affected by low sex drive (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) might feel that a part of their life is missing. Or, they feel like they’re letting down their partner. Either way, it takes away from a fulfilling life for them.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder can involve a number of reasons, including:

  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Hormonal changes
  • Menopause

Stress modulation and emotional concerns are best suited for counseling treatments. Dr. Christi can recommend several sources to help you. And we’ll be here ready to help in any way we can!

However, if initial consultation points toward hormonal issues, that’s a specialty at ChristiMD Medical Group. We have sexual dysfunction treatments for women in Houston which can help with hormonal balance, and address the affects of menopause.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Houston, TX

Dr. Christi is a certified hormone specialist by the Hormone Therapy Center of America (HTCA). Her training helps women experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance regain their energy, their emotional stablity affected by those hormones, and their sex drive!

What is hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

HRT introduces hormones into your body that are identical to the ones your body creates. Using pellet therapy, Dr. Christi places a small, cylinder-shaped bioidentical hormone pellet under your skin. 

As the pellet very slowly dissolves, it introduces bioidentical hormones into your bloodstream to correct the hormone imbalances in your body. Dr. Christi’s team will perform tests before and during your therapy to ensure you always receive the correct dosage.

Benefits of HRT for sexual dysfunction include:

  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Reduced body fat
  • Healthy sense of well-being

And best of all: increased sexual libido! Sometimes just feeling better after HRT can resurrect your sex drive. Keeping an open, honest dialogue with your providers at ChristiMD Medical Group will ensure that this therapy achieves your goals.

HRT also works for menopause. As per a study on menopause and female libido, “…natural menopause decreases levels of ovarian steroids, accompanied by diminished sexual desire in a significant portion of postmenopausal women.” Utilising HRT for the effects of menopause can help you regain vitality in several areas of your life, including your love life.

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Arousal Disorder

When a patient suffers from arousal disorder, they don’t experience a physical response to sexual stimulation. A lack of lubrication is the most common issue, and vaginal dryness causes pain for both the woman and her partner. It can also create and emotional sexual dysfunction in women.

Dr. Christi offers several non- to minimally-invasive treatments for vaginal dryness, such as MonaLisa Touch®.

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch treatments help with arousal disorder and other sexual dysfunction issues including: 

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Tissue laxity
  • Vaginal atrophy

After locating areas of unhealthy vaginal tissue, Dr. Christi uses a hand-held wand to apply laser light on the targeted tissue. The process removes the unhealthy cells and stimulates underlying tissues to self-rejuvenate, awakening dormant cells in the vaginal wall.

After just 3 treatments, lubrication returns/improves, and the vaginal canal feels tighter, providing more sensation for both you and your partner. 

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Orgasmic Disorder

When a woman has orgasmic disorder, she suffers with difficulty in achieving or the inability to achieve orgasm. This can also include weak orgasms that leave a woman feeling unfulfilled.

If this sounds familiar, you might be part of the 60% of women who say they aren’t satisfied with their sex life. Sadly, having a satisfying orgasm every time seems to be an unachievable goal for most women.

What causes female arousal/orgasm?

Sexual arousal in a woman increases blood flow around and in the vaginal walls. This causes lubrication. In addition, the clitoris, vaginal opening and labia become swollen due to the blood engorgement. 

Continual stimulation to the clitoris causes it to enlarge, much like how a penis works. The build-up of sensation and tension grows until a powerful series of muscle contractions give it release. That is the orgasm. Women can have orgasms in a variety of ways, touching different parts of their genitals; however, the most common involves the clitoris.

Some of the signs your sex-life might not be reaching its full potential during sex include:

  • Little to no lubrication
  • Weak or non-existent orgasm
  • Decreased libido/desire

ChristiMD Medical Group offers a non-surgical treatment that can help you achieve better, stronger, and more frequent orgasms—Cliovana®.


Cliovana therapy works at the cellular level, helping your body to do what it does best – naturally. Cliovana can increase long-term sexual responsiveness in women, for more intense, more frequent orgasms.

Using Cliovana’s simple, hand-held device, Dr. Christi applies ultrasonic frequency sound waves directly to the clitoris and perineum. This boosts your body’s natural ability to regenerate cells for improved blood flow to the area- including the clitoris. 

Dr. Christi recommends four, ten-minute Cliovana sessions over a period of 2 weeks. You’ll experience zero downtime, and the benefits will improve over the course of a few months and continue up to a year or more.

Pain Disorder

Pelvic pain during intercourse significantly impacts sexual performance, and can cause a woman to completely avoid sexual intimacy. Understanding the source of that pain is the first step in choosing which of the sexual dysfunction treatments for women in Houston is best for you.

During your consultation with Dr. Christi, she listens with compassion and without judgment, so that you can both get to the root of the problem. As part of this discovery, you’ll fill out sexual dysfunction questionnaires, have a thorough history and physical examination, plus hormone testing and possibly imaging. 

You’ll also need to have a pap smear done with your health practitioner so that those results can be factored into the prognosis.

After Dr. Christi determines the cause of your pain disorder, there are several therapies and treatments that can address the dysfunction, both non-surgical and surgical.

Symptoms of pain disorder can include:

  • General discomfort “down there”
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Dryness
  • Urination burning/frequency 
  • Tearing/bleeding during intercourse
  • Pain while sitting

Surgical Repair

You may need surgery, especially in the case of prolapse (fallen bladder/vagina), which can cause pain during intercourse and at other times. There are also other culprits for pain that could require surgery, such as vaginal atrophy caused by menopause.

Non-Surgical Repair

Whenever possible, non-surgical repair is chosen for great results with little downtime.

EmFemme® 360 Vaginal Tightening

This treatment stimulates new collagen growth in your vagina to achieve the improved levels of previous functionality. 

Using a hand-held wand, Dr. Christi will apply volumetric heating to the interior walls of the vagina. This treatment helps address:

  • Pain or discomfort (burning or itching)
  • Decreased sexual function
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Decreased sexual pleasure
  • Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)
  • Decreased circulation

Within 3 treatment sessions, EmFemme 360 can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and calm the detrusor muscle to improve vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness and pelvic pain.

More Sexual Dysfunction Treatments for Women in Houston

The best way to treat your sexual dysfunction is to schedule a consultation. It’s your first step toward better, stronger orgasms, and a much more enjoyable love life. Because after all, better sex = better life. We have many options, and there is hope for restoring your intimacy and improving your marriage.

Regardless of the cause of your sexual dysfunction, there are options and there is hope for you! Let’s talk today and get you on the pathway to improved sexual wellness.

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