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Sexual Wellness in Houston for Women & Men | ChristiMD

What is sexual wellness in Houston? It’s a full spectrum of understanding and application that can make a person love their love life again.

At MedSpa at ChristiMD, we believe sexual wellness requires a positive state in a person’s physical and mental being. That’s why our staff of professional wellness and aesthetic providers will listen openly and honestly. We don’t judge, we help. 

For years, ChristiMD has researched innovative treatments for these issues and more, restoring confidence, and pleasure, to thousands of clients.Our team knows that when a person feels good, they can share that joy with the world around them, and face their daily life challenges in high spirits. 

That’s why in addition to facial procedures, body countouring, and other positivity-building treatments, ChristiMD offers trusted, clinically proven procedures to enhance patient’s sexual health and wellness.

Sexual wellness in Houston starts with a conversation.

As Dr. Christi walks you through a consult, or perhaps as part of a treatment regimen, a client might be asked how their sex life is.

Even in today’s age, people have a tough time opening up about their sexual wellness. A woman might have trouble reaching orgasm. Or a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction. These are exactly the kind of issues that impact not just performance in the bedroom, but connection to one’s partner, and to oneself.

Let’s talk about two of those procedures, both of which are non-invasive and extremely effective.

If you have E.D., you’re not alone

Erectile dysfunction. It happens—and more than most of us would think. The inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sex afflicts up to 30 million men in the United States

Poor blood flow is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance. The other is an unwillingness to discuss the issue or address it with a professional, perhaps because of embarrassment or feelings of loss or shame.

For possible E.D. issues, GAINSWave treatment can make all the difference.

GAINSWave® for men’s sexual wellness in Houston

GAINSWave is a comfortable, non invasive treatment to improve erectile dysfunction and sexual performance by stimulating angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) and increasing nitric oxide production to improve penile blood flow.

GAINSWave requires no injections, no pills, and no surgery. This 100% non-invasive treatment uses high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to encourage the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. The treatment also improves nitric oxide production, the body’s own natural vasodilator. It can even decrease micro plaque in existing blood vessels.

All of this increases blood flow to the penis, diminishing—or eliminating—E.D. issues. GAINSWave has changed the lives of many patients with results of stronger, harder and more sustainable erections.

How GAINSWave works

  • Book a consultation to discuss your concerns and see if GAINSWave is the right  treatment.
  • The treatment only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. 
  • The professional ChristiMD provider will use a surface lubricant to treat the entire shaft of the penis, including the base of the penis under the scrotum.
  • Next, using the specially-designed hand-held GAINSWave applicator, the provider will apply low-intensity ultrasonic sound waves to the penis.
  • The effect of these sound waves helps the body increase blood flow and regenerate tissue.

After receiving GAINSWave therapy, the patient can go on about their day and engage in sexual activity at any time. 

What’s surprising is that clients often achieve erections spontaneously shortly after the treatment, as blood vessels are opening up already. Clients fully experience best results within a few weeks of the final treatment session.

Men’s sexual wellness issues GAINSWave can address

Instead of injections or surgery, GAINSWave is proving to be a non-invasive therapy that helps treat Peyronie’s disease by breaking up the plaque and scarring that help create the issue.

GAINSWave benefits for sexual wellness

In Houston, Sugarland, Galveston, Spring, and all across our metro, men have gotten back their confidence, and their libidos, through GAINSWave treatments.The benefits include:

  • Enhanced erections
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Increased sensation
  • Drug free
  • Non surgical
Middle aged couple cuddling together after addressing sexual wellness in houston

Why don’t more men and women seek sexual wellness in Houston?

The biggest problem is a willingness to talk about it. At ChristiMD, that’s why we’re here. To listen, understand, and then find solutions that work for our clients. 

And men aren’t the only ones who have trouble talking openly and honestly about quality of their sex life. Women are even more unlikely to discuss one of the most prevalent issues they face in the bedroom—unsatisfying orgasms, or no orgasms at all. Just understand that with our staff members you’re talking to someone who hears what you’re saying, understands it, and won’t make you feel weird about it.

To that end, ChristMD has invested in Cliovana™️ female orgasm enhancement.

Cliovana for women’s sexual wellness

In Houston, Dr. Christi has specialized in women’s urology and wellness for most of her career. According to a recent survey, over 80% of women put their overall health care at the bottom of the list of familial health care priorities. That survey also discovered over 60% of women say their sex life is unfulfilling. 

A woman’s sex-life might not be fullfilling for a number of different reasons:

  • She’s lost much of her desire for sex
  • Her body provides little or no lubrication when she’s aroused
  • The orgasm feels lacking, or doesn’t happen at all
  • Hormonal changes have adversely affected sensation and desire
  • Aging causes loss of sensation and lower blood flow to the vulva & clitoris

That 60% of women don’t have to accept their second-rate sex life. Cliovana treatment can help change these numbers for the better.

What is Cliovana?

Similar to the sound wave technology used in GAINSWave treatments for men, Cliovana applies ultrasonic frequencies directly to the clitoris and perineum. These pulses boost the body’s natural cell regeneration abilities, resulting in improved blood flow to the clitoris. This can make orgasms more intense, more quickly achieved, and better overall.

The Cliovana process for women’s sexual wellness in Houston

A treatment only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and is 100% non-invasive. After you and your ChristiMD provider have talked openly and honestly about your concerns, and together have decided Cliovana is your best choice, the treatment itself happens in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: the provider applies a small suction cup ito the clitoris to increase blood flow
  • Step 2: a hand-held application wand applies soundwaves to the clitories, activating the regeneration of tissue within the clitoris.
  • Step 3: called the “soothing phase,” this step applies more soundwaves to the area—combined with vibration—to reawaken nerve endings.

The Benefits of Cliovana

With Cliovana treatments, women in Houston will continue to experience improvements over the course of a few months and up to a year or more. Some of the most noticeable benefits from this treatment for women’s sexual wellness in Houston include:

  • Improved sexual responsiveness
  • More powerful, satisfying orgasms
  • No needles, probes, lasers, numbing creams, freezing, or surgery
  • Zero downtime
  • Results that can last up to a year or more

Because Cliovana requires no downtime, a woman can have intercourse that night with no difficulty stemming from the treatment. Some patients notice a boost in sexual response and satisfaction immediately. The full effect will take 2 to 3 months because their body is regenerating and building up new tissue as a result of Cliovana treatment.

Results of Cliovana

Cliovana™️ has proven itself as a highly effective treatment with enormously promising results. A pilot study of Cliovana showed that after 3 months:

  • 100% of the women participants reported a 115% intensity in orgasms. 
  • Women participants noted a 125% increase in overall satisfaction with sexual activity
Positive african american woman enjoying happy morning in bed with sexual wellness in houston

Sexual wellness in Houston: Cliovana FAQs

Does Cliovana have any side effects?

You may experience some redness in the treatment area, but this should subside within a few days or less!

Does Cliovana hurt?

No. Women receiving Ciovana therapy generally experience no discomfort. This procedure is 100% non-invasive with no needles or surgery.

How many treatments are required?

The patient receives 4, 15-minute treatment sessions over a 2-week period.

Is Cliovana safe?

Cliovana is FDA approved and completely safe as a treatment choice.

It’s time for women to reclaim their sex lives.

It’s a relatively new concept that women can embrace their orgasms. There was a time when women didn’t talk about this lack of sexual pleasure, due to generational expectations. 

Women have moved beyond that silence, and are now free to be fully informed on their sexuality, and claim their right to the expectation of pleasure. Women can and should enjoy the best climaxes of their lives. 

Talk to ChristiMD about your sexual wellness in Houston

Women and men come to MedSpa at ChristiMD for overall wellness, because the ChristiMD staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We come together to provide a trustworthy, welcoming space for every visitor who walks through our doors.

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