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Are you part of the 60% of women who say they aren’t satisfied with their sex life? What defines a healthy sex life, and what makes it so satisfying? There are a lot of ways sex can be defined as healthy, but having a satisfying orgasm every time seems to be an unachievable goal for a majority of women.

Signs your sex-life might not be reaching its full potential include:

  • Decreased libido/desire for sex
  • Little to no lubrication when aroused
  • Weak or no orgasm during sex

These are reasons why Dr. Christi is pleased to offer Cliovana™️, the latest non-invasive soundwave technology to enhance female orgasms.

Treatment details

Treatment Type


# of Treatments needed


Treatment time

10 Minutes



Female sexual responsiveness

Weakened orgasm

How it Works

Benefits of Sound Wave Therapy (SWT)

With Sound Wave Therapy (SWT) treatments, patients will continue to experience the benefits over the course of a few months and up to a year or more. Some of the most noticeable improvements from this sexual wellness treatment in Houston include:

Increased long-term sexual responsiveness

Better, stronger orgasm

No needles, probes, lasers, numbing creams, freezing or surgery

No downtime

Results lasting up to a year or more

Real results

Your Cliovana™️ Results

Sound Wave Therapy (SWT) is a highly effective treatment that has shown enormously promising results. In fact, a pilot study of Cliovana™️ concluded that after three months of using Sound Wave Therapy (SWT), 100% of the women participants reported a 115% intensity in orgasms. There was a 125% increase in overall satisfaction with sexual activity.

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