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Should Women See Female Doctors?

Although there’s no definite study that would suggest either men or women are better doctors, a lot of women these days actually prefer seeing female doctors. Why? The answer is usually rooted in their ability to feel more secure and at ease around a member of the same gender, as well as in the heightened ability that women have to feel and express a higher does of empathy and genuine concern for their patients, especially when it comes to a caring urogynecologist.

The key issue here is not that women are better doctors or that they understand the female body to a greater extent – although the verdict is still out on that – but that they are able to instill a better sense of confidence into their patients. Women are generally able to relate, and most female patients, regardless of their age, will feel much closer and better able to relate to a female doctor than to a male one.

Another aspect that may point to the fact that female doctors are generally more suitable is that women are still regarded as somewhat inferior in some areas simply due to their gender. As a result, a young woman wanting to become a doctor might actually be working harder than her male counterparts when going through medical school.

Typically, despite these concerns, most experts will not advise patients to seek help from a doctor of any particular gender, unless they are qualified and skilled enough to offer viable assistance. If you feel more comfortable with a female doctor, however, then that is likely the best path for you individually.