Skinpen® and Microneedling

Skinpen® was the first FDA cleared microneedling procedure to combat acne scars and uneven facial skin texture. At ChristiMD Medical Spa in Houston, Texas, our patients consistently return and ask for this treatment by name. We offer Skinpen to anyone above the age of 18.

Take it from the experts. Over 90% of the subjects in Skinpen’s® initial clinical trial reported they would recommend the procedure to family and friends.

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You can visibly see results in as little as 3 affordable treatments. No need to attempt to hide blemishes and facial scars any longer. With smoother skin, you can regain your confidence and be on your way to a fresh new look.


What Are My Benefits?

· Smoother skin

· Lessen acne scars

· Address uneven skin texture and cobbling

· Treats surgical scars

· Promotes new collagen growth

· No downtime

Skinpen Before and After


The Process

Skinpen® works by creating tiny micro-injuries that begin the natural wound healing process while stimulating new collagen. This new collagen works to plump and smooth out the acne scars and other facial imperfections. Since it minimizes cellular damage, your top layer of the skin stays intact while the work begins below the epidermis.

Steps in Wound Repair

· Inflammation – Skinpen’s® microneedling begins wound and tissue repair

· Regeneration – New cells and blood vessels start to form

· Remodeling – Process of new dermal tissue and blood vessel building is complete

Why Choose ChristiMD Medical Spa

Our lead treatment provider has years of experience in the medical aesthetic environment and has treated thousands of patients during her work in medical spas and company training in the Houston area.

Meet Sarah, our expert in all things aesthetics!

With Dr. Christi’s entire team, you can feel confident that you will receive excellent treatment, individualized care and service delivery with state of the art equipment.

Other Advantages

At our medical spa you can find other procedure such as chemical peels, laser procedures, Secret RF and Photofacial treatments to enhance your microneedling effects.

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