Amy Pelaez

Certified Medical Assistant

With nearly 20 years of private practice experience, Dr. Christi is uniquely qualified to treat female pelvic conditions, ranging from common urinary tract infections to incontinence to reconstructive surgery.

She is a true pioneer in pelvic health and regeneration, and has helped thousands of women in Houston, and all over Southeast Texas, heal and get their lives back. Her passion for serving her fellow Houstonians extends beyond health and wellness, too! The Med Spa at ChristiMD was built as an extension of the practice to offer advanced aesthetic treatments to the area. After assembling a team of trusted experts, we’re proud to say that we have now delivered incredible results to our patients, both men and women, for over two years!

Dr. Christi’s Education and certifications

Board subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Urology residency training and General Surgery internship at Baylor College of Medicine

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology

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