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Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Men | In Houston with ChristMD

Men dealing with sexual dysfunction come from all walks of life, and most age groups; they face more than the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Sexual dysfunction in men can stem from a lack of self esteem, lowered self confidence, hormone imbalances, and even pain. 

Too many doctors prescribe a pill as the cure-all. The team at Houston’s ChristiMD Medical Group believes you deserve more. Read on about types of sexual dysfunction in men in Houston, and avenues to address those issues.

Types of sexual dysfunction in men

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction describes the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction, or E.D., afflicts up to 30 million men in the United States

What causes erectile dysfunction in men?

Occasional E.D. shouldn’t cause concern, as it’s normal. Sometimes a guy just “isn’t in the mood.” However, when the dysfunction is persistent, it’s a problem that can (and should) be addressed to support a man’s overall well being. 

Possible causes of E.D. include (but are not limited to):

  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Low testosterone
  • Fatigue
  • Poor blood flow

Though E.D. occurs more frequently in men over the age of 50, being older doesn’t necessarily cause the issue. It’s usually a symptom of some other issue. Poor blood flow tops the list as the main cause of erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance. 

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

ChristiMD Medical Group offers several treatment options to help with sexual dysfunction in men in Houston, including E.D.

GAINSWave® ultrasonic therapy for erectile dysfunction

GAINSWave uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to encourage the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. The treatment also improves nitric oxide production, the body’s own natural vasodilator. It can even decrease micro plaque in existing blood vessels.

This 100% non-invasive treatment requires no injections, no pills, and no surgery. 

When blood flow is the main issue for the E.D., GAINSWave treatment can dramatically decrease—or eliminate—the erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave has changed the lives of many men, helping them achieve stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections.

The GAINSWave process
  • Book a consultation to discuss your concerns and see if GAINSWave is the right  treatment.
  • Each treatment session takes 20 to 30 minutes. 
  • The ChristiMD professional provider treats the entire shaft of the penis, including the base under the scrotum, with a topical lubricant.
  • Next, the provider uses the hand-held GAINSWave applicator to deliver low-intensity ultrasonic sound waves to the penis.
  • The sound waves help the body break up plaque and regenerate tissue, increasing blood flow.

There’s no downtime after a GAINSWave treatment. Men can go on about their day and can even engage in sexual activity. GAINSWave recipients experience the best results within a few weeks of the final treatment session, as the body requires time to regenerate the tissue.

Men’s sexual dysfunction issues GAINSWave can address
  • Inadequate or poor blood flow
  • Erectile dysfunction (E.D.)
  • Sexual arousal and performance
  • Peyronie’s disease

Instead of injections or surgery, GAINSWave is proving to be a non-invasive therapy that helps treat Peyronie’s by breaking up the plaque and scarring that help create the issue. Most men require 6 to 12 treatments total for the best results.

Benefits of GAINSWave for sexual dysfunction in men

In Houston, Galveston Island, The Woodlands, Richmond, and all across the metro, men have gotten back their “mojo” through GAINSWave therapy.The benefits include:

  • Better erections
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • Improved or heightened sensation
  • No Drugs
  • 100% non-invasive

Emsella by BTL for E.D.

Another treatment for erectile Dysfunction involves the Emsella chair. The more common use of Emsella electromagnetic therapy treats incontinence. However, the results of Emsella also improve E.D. issues in men.

How Emsella works

Emsella treatment involves a chair you sit on while remaining fully clothed. The specially designed seat applies electromagnetic energy to your pelvic floor. This simulates more than 10,000 kegel exercises to tone your pelvic floor muscles—all in 1 comfortable treatment session

How Emsella helps with erectile dysfunction

Lack of exercise, sitting for long periods of time, and other factors can contribute to the decrease in pelvic muscle ability. According to a university study, improving pelvic floor muscles works as an effective treatment for E.D. These same muscles are active during arousal, and they’re part of achieving and maintaining an erection. Pelvic floor muscle contraction creates pressure which helps with achieving and maintaining an erection.

Each Emsella session lasts about 30 minutes, rebuilding the strength of these muscles. Most patients require 6 treatment sessions: 2 per week for 3 weeks. 

Sexual dysfunction in men in Houston: low libido

A reduction or loss of libido—sexual desire—affects a number of men. For some, it doesn’t bother them, or truly affect their lives. But for most it’s at least bothersome, and for some men it causes stress in their relationship(s), plus anxiety over this drop in desire, and even depression.

Possible causes of low libido

When men suffer from low libido, this issue could be cause by several things:

  • Stress and anxiety (These symptoms are often a result of low libido, but they could also be causing it.)
  • Chronic disease
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Smoking
  • Obesity (affecting libido both physically and mentally)

Several of these are treatable by doctors and therapists, and should be discussed with those professionals. 

But here is one of the most common culprits of loss of libido in men: low testosterone.

Hormone replacement therapy for men

Over a third of men past the age of 45 may have testosterone levels considered lower than normal. This loss of testosterone can be the reason behind low libido (or even impotence). Whether it’s due to aging, injury, or other factors, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is an effective treatment for hormone imbalance. 

The BHRT process

As with all medical and aesthetic improvements, it starts with a candid conversation about the client’s concerns. You’ll discuss the challenges and goals for treatment. Should the issues appear to be better treated initially by the client’s medical doctor or personal therapist, the provider should recommend that also.

When the provider identifies the issue for sexual dysfunction in men in Houston as low testosterone, they will take blood samples and send them to a lab for testing. The results of these tests determine the bioidentical hormones that will match the client’s natural testosterone.

At ChristiMD Medical Group, we use HTCA Pellet Therapy for BHRT. This method uses small, cylinder-shaped bioidentical hormone pellets to correct hormone imbalances.

The provider numbs the client’s skin at the insertion site with local anesthesia. After that’s fully in effect, the provider makes a small incision and inserts the pellet under the skin. As the pellet slowly dissolves, it releases controlled doses of the bioidentical testosterone into the body.

How testosterone helps lift libido:
  • Increases overall sex drive
  • Improves erectile function (E.D.)
  • Lifts mood
  • Improves sleep quality, helping with fatigue
  • Reduces body fat
  • Decreases depression/anxiety

BHRT treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. The number of treatments vary, depending on the hormone imbalance levels and goals. The treatment pellets deliver hormones directly to your bloodstream 24/7 for 3 to 6 months after treatment. 

Possible side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Depending on the hormones and the dosages, you may experience some of the following:

  • Mild acne
  • Bloating
  • Swelling 

Any symptoms that arise should subside within a few weeks and can be treated easily.

IV Therapy for sexual dysfunction in men in Houston

Another possible treatment to help with low libido—and some erectile issues—is intravenous therapy (IV therapy), often called “the Libido Drip.”

What is IV therapy?

This treatment delivers fluid directly into a patient’s veins via a needle inserted into a vein. The fluid helps hydrate the body, and contains a nutrient mixed specifically formulated for the desired results.

Why is it intravenous?

Most people know about vitamin supplements; you can buy them off the grocery store shelves. However, people may not know that during the digestive process, their body breaks down the vitamins and only absorbs about 10% of the vitamins. 

With IV therapy—also known as a “drip”—a person’s body can absorb 100% of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients, because the destructive digestive process is bypassed. 

Libido drip results

Most patients experience different effects following treatment, which your provider should discuss during your consultation—though the majority notice immediate improvements in both their health and wellness. Libido IV therapy requires zero downtime afterwards.

Well-being for libido and E.D.

According to a New York Times article, if a person doesn’t see themself as attractive, that could trigger their brain to inhibit impulses to be intimate. If a man (or woman) doesn’t feel sexually desireable, they act and react accordingly.

We have complementary treatments available to address a variety of self-esteem stumbling points. Here are just a few.

Emsculpt Neo®

When men want to accomplish body sculpting and permanent fat removal, Emsculpt Neo can do it all during the same session. Though not designed for weight loss, men who already work on achieving a better physical appearance can benefit from Emsculpt Neo treatments.

Emsculpt Neo uses radiofrequency heating to tone and transform a client’s goal areas. When using heat, the muscle temperature quickly rises by several degrees, similar to warming up before a workout. 

After approximately 4 minutes, the fat cells present in the treatment area reach the point where they’re permanently damaged. From there the body slowly removes them through natural elimination processes. The removal of these fat deposits allows the skin to more closely outline the muscles below.

PRP for hair loss treatment

Hair loss almost never happens overnight. It usually creeps up gradually, and men (and women) don’t notice it when it starts. But when a person realizes their hair is thinning or receding, that can greatly impact their self-esteem and self-confidence. 

That impact translates to many parts of the person’s life, including the bedroom. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections help to restore and regrow hair.

The treatment involves taking a blood sample and separating the growth factors from it. Then the aesthetic provider numbs the person’s scalp with local anesthetic, and injects the growth factors back into their body. The body recognizes the injection point as a wound and repairs the tissue surrounding the treatment area. Cell growth follows and over time starts to regrow as a thicker head of hair.

Dysport and/or dermal fillers

Though these two cosmetic injectable approaches work differently, they both address signs of aging: wrinkles.

Dysport as a wrinkle relaxer

Made from the same source component as Botox, Dysport functions as a neuromodulator/neurotoxin, temporarily paralyzing the muscles at its injection site to smooth wrinkles. The constant contractions of these muscles cause the fine lines and wrinkles that form on a person’s face in the first place.

All neurotoxins are administered by injection with small needles, without need for anesthesia or sedation. 

Once the provider administers the Dysport, the client’s facial muscles begin to relax, easing the appearance of wrinkles in the target area. Typically the treatment requires a few days to a week for full results to take effect. Results usually last about 3 to 4 months.

Dermal fillers for wrinkles and hollows

As people age, their fat pads descend and lose volume. This loss can result in hollowed areas and fine lines and wrinkles. Facial contours change, and sometimes that change affects how desirable we feel. To reestablish those contours, and help fill in the wrinkles, dermal fillers work as a viable aesthetic choice. 

There are many different fillers available with different formulations. Each formulation provides unique volume possibilities in the client’s area(s) of concern. Fillers help rejuvenate the face by giving volume and contour where injected. They can also be used to accentuate contours, provide stronger cheek definition, more pronounced chin contours, and other aesthetic goals.

The entire dermal filler treatment process usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Follow-up appointments will be required as needed for maintenance.

Talk to your provider about all the choices you have for sexual dysfunction treatments.

There’s no need to live silently with sexual dysfunction in men in Houston. Now yo can speak up and be heard, so that these impediments to living a fuller, richer life can be removed. For the men, for their partners, it’s time to talk and find the answers.

Look better, feel better, love better with ChristiMD Medical Group

Contact us to start your path to wellness. At ChristiMD Medical Group, we’ve helped thousands of fellow Houstonians achieve their aesthetic goals, and recapture the energy and excitement of living their best lives. 

Our team truly believes that when we feel good, we can better spread joy to those around us and approach life’s everyday challenges in high spirits. Come experience health, happiness, and holistic wellness. Let’s talk today.