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eCoin® Helps Purge the Sudden Urge


Urge Incontinence Affects Millions

Urge urinary incontinence: that sudden, eye-opening, you-can’t-fight-it need to pee. When it hits, the proximity to a bathroom means the difference between relief, or disaster. Urge incontinence, also called overactive bladder (OAB), becomes more problematic for individuals with mobility issues.

eCoin tibial stimulation provides an advanced, FDA-approved treatment for urge urinary incontinence (UUI). Using a nickel-sized neurostimulation device inserted near the ankle, you can significantly reduce those constant, daily sudden urges to urinate.

Treatment Details

Treatment type

Minor surgical insertion

Treatment frequency


Treatment time

20 to 30 minutes


1 to 3 days. Keep the incision dry for 14 days by wearing a shower bag on your leg.  Then wear comfortable, non-heeled shoes for at least 8 weeks. During those initial 2 months, avoid vigorous activities like jogging, biking, swimming, and other high-foot-impact activities.

What It Treats

Urinary urge incontinence

Intense urge to urinate

Frequent urination

How It Works

Benefits of eCoin Tibial Stimulation

Reduced incidence of urge urinary incontinence episodes

No recurring office visits

Minimally invasive, with little downtime

Little need for lifestyle/behavioral change

No medications or injections

FDA approved

Little to no side effects

Can be used in conjunction with other urinary incontinence treatments

Real results

Results of eCoin®

75% of eCoin patients achieved a 50% reduction in UUI episodes, and 81% reporting they felt better due to eCoin tibial stimulation.

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