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Urology Referrals: Why You Can Trust ChristiMD Medical Group

As one of the first urologists in the country to receive board subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Christi Pramudji can solve innumerable pelvic issues. If you’re a medical professional looking for a premier urologist for your urology referrals, look no further than ChristiMD Medical Group in Katy!

After 12 years of dedication to a professional urology group in Houston, Dr. Christi started her own private practice dedicated almost exclusively to helping women overcome urologic issues. 

As a woman treating women, Dr. Christi understands firsthand a lot of the urologic issues women face. By being a compassionate listener throughout the entire treatment process, she is able to get to the root of each patient’s problem and build a custom treatment plan to solve it.  

What We Treat for Urology Referrals

Treatment Options

With an incredible team and over 20 years of experience, ChristiMD Medical Group is able to offer the latest and greatest treatment options, both surgical and non-invasive, such as:

The Process

Through an in-depth consultation, Dr. Christi learns about the patient; this includes their concerns, symptoms, goals, and expectations for treatment. With her extensive urology and urogynecology knowledge, she takes your information and input and builds a personalized treatment plan. 

When it comes to our patients, we never leave them to their own devices. As a premier urologist in Katy, we continuously check in with our patients and make sure the treatments we recommended are meeting their urology wellness goals!

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