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uti prevention tips

UTI Prevention Tips from ChristiMD Medical Group

Women face hard numbers when it comes to urinary tract infections.

Over 50% percent of women will develop a UTI in their lifetime, with urinary tract infections causing nearly 25% of all infections treated in women. 

Recurring UTIs usually happen within 3 months of the first infection, with 80% of those being reinfections of the same bacterial strain.

ChristiMD Medical Group treats UTIs in women—and men—every day. But the best treatment is prevention

Contact us with your questions about UTI care, and read on for easily doable measures to prevent this common issue.

Prevention Starts at Home

These are simple UTI prevention tips that involve your lifestyle.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Your body needs water for all of its functions to operate properly. Water helps lubricate and cushion joints, protect your spinal cord, keep your skin healthy, keep blood flowing smoothly, and more.

It’s also super important for all of your elimination systems—bowel movements, perspiration, lymphatic drainage, and urination.

Free Your Pee

When you gotta go, go! Emptying your bladder often makes sure urine doesn’t stay in there for extended periods of time. Bacteria proliferates in warm and wet environments; don’t let your bladder be one of them.

Pre- and Post-Sex Bathroom Break

Intercourse can cause bacteria from your and/or your partner’s body to come in contact with the urethra or urethral opening. From there it can get to your bladder, increasing the risk of a UTI. 

Emptying your bladder shortly before and after sex flushes out much of that bacteria before it can cause issues.

Fresh Undies

If you seem prone to UTIs, consider bringing a fresh pair of underwear with you when you spend time:

  • Traveling
  • Exercising
  • Swimming
  • Sitting

Each of these activities can help create conditions that are conducive to excess bacteria growth. Remember: Bacteria like a moist environment. Fresh underwear—especially made out of breathable fabric—helps keep bacteria at bay.

Take Cranberry Supplements

Cranberry juice is often suggested to help acidify your system, melting smaller kidney or gallstones and generally giving your urinary tract a “wash down.” Cranberry supplements have the same effect. They’re also one of Dr. Christi’s first suggestions for uncomplicated UTIs.

Like Your Mom Told You

After urinating or having a bowel movement, always wipe front-to-back to help prevent the spread of unwanted, infectious bacterias. 

Two women in gynecologist office with mode bladder going over UTI Prevention Tips from ChristiMD Medical Group

Treatments at ChristiMD Medical Group

Our UTI prevention tips in Katy would be incomplete without mentioning two of our treatment options at ChristiMD. 

Our offices inside Methodist Medical Office Building 2 offer the most highly-advanced medical technology and devices under one roof in Katy and all of Houston. Two of those treatments rise to the top for preventative measures against urinary tract infections.

MonaLisa Touch for Balance

MonaLisa Touch treatment involves an application wand that delivers laser energy to eliminate unwanted vaginal wall tissue. This treatment also awakens dormant cells in the vaginal wall, rejuvenating tissue while addressing:

  • Laxity
  • Dryness
  • Atrophy
  • pH levels

The pH balance in your vagina plays a key role in UTI prevention, as it lessens the possibility of wrong types of bacteria proliferating and causing infection through hygienic practices or intercourse.

EMSella for Stronger Elimination

Our EMSella causes your pelvic floor to do about 11,000 Kegel-like contractions in just 30 minutes. This amazing internal work is used to address:

  • Stress incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Urge incontinence
  • Leaky bladder

Better control of your bladder means less external contact with urine (accidents, adult diapers), and improved elimination of urine from your bladder.

UTI Care for Women & Men

Even after following our UTI prevention tips in Katy, urinary tract infections can still happen. Whether caused by bacterial infection or as a result of other issues, ChristiMD Medical Group will help you get your tract back on track with UTI treatments in Katy

Request a consultation today. You’ll talk with a compassionate ChristiMD team member who will listen closely, ask the right questions, and help create a plan to address the UTI symptoms and the underlying cause(s). 

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