UTI treatment in Houston, TX

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection: The Common Problem


What is a Urinary Tract Infection?

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a catch-all term for an infection that occurs anywhere in the urinary tract.

For women, this includes infections in the kidneys (pyelonephritis, characterized by fever) or bladder (also called “cystitis,” with typical painful urination, frequency and urgency). We often use the terms “UTI” and “bladder infection” interchangeably.

Treatment Details

Treatment type

Nonsurgical or Surgical

Treatment frequency

Varies depending on cause and/or frequency of the UTI

Treatment time

Varies depending on the treatment course


Varies depending on the treatment

What It Treats

UTIs & their possible causes

Kidney stones

Bladder wall issues

Urinary stones/obstructions

And more

How UTI Treatment Works

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Benefits of a UTI Treatment in Houston

Keeps infection from spreading to kidneys

Stops pain/burning caused by UTI

Lessens/eliminates false need to urinate

Lessens/eliminates UTI-related cramping

Stops UTI-related fatigue/malaise

Real results

results of UTI Treatment

Proper treatment will cure the infection and cease UTI-related pain and other effects, including cloudy/dark urine, frequent urges to pee, and threat of secondary infections.

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