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6 Ways to Better Sex: Vaginal Rejuvenation Near You in Houston, TX

Women deserve to enjoy sex—and achieve orgasm. Unfortunately, around 60 percent of us are unsatisfied with our sex lives. 

Part of the problem happens when we become uncomfortable talking about sex, or discussing issues we have regarding our satisfaction. That’s why at MedSpa at ChristiMD, we don’t shy away from this conversation. It’s important for your sexual health and wellbeing. 

The best part? We have advanced treatments, both non-surgical and surgical, that can enhance your sexual experience and physical performance for more fulfilling, satisfying orgasms. 

And it’s not just about the sex. You can re-establish confidence in yourself and how you feel about your body. This attractive quality can reignite your intimate relationship with your partner and in your partner.

Contact us with questions, and check out our treatments that offer 6 ways to better sex! Vaginal rejuvenation near you in Houston can truly put life back into your sex life.


Dr. Christi proudly offers Cliovana, the latest non-invasive soundwave technology to enhance female orgasms.

Cliovana works on the clitorus using soundwaves and vibration therapy. It improves the bloodflow to the clitorus and surrounding tissue for quicker and more intense orgasm.

How Cliovana Works

There are 3 steps to your Cliovana treatment:

Step 1: Increasing Blood Flow Through Suction

A small suction cup will be placed on the clitorus, creating gentle negative pressure on the area. This suction draws blood flow into the clitorus, preparing it for the second step.

Step 2: Sound Wave Therapy

Using the special Cliovana applicator, your provider applies soundwaves to the clitoris and labia. This stimulates deeper blood flow within the whole clitoral structure.

Step 3: Vibration & Sound Wave Therapy

In the last step, sound waves are combined with vibration to reawaken nerves and re-establish pathways to the brain for pleasure.

Each 15-minute Cliovana treatment provides non-invasive, non-surgical, and effective help to improve how quickly, and how satisfyingly, you can achieve orgasm!


MonaLisa Touch™️

Vaginal rejuvenation near you often involves addressing three specific aspects of vaginal function/condition:

  • Dryness. Insufficient lubricant production.
  • Atrophy. Thinning/drying/inflammation of the vaginal walls.
  • Laxity. The feeling of “looseness” and loss of sensation.

When these three issues arise, intercourse becomes painful. There’s a loss in libido (sex drive) for obvious reasons, plus a loss of self-confidence. Atrophy can also cause urinary incontinence, further adding to sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction. MonaLisa Touch laser therapy helps women regain this lost ground.

How MonaLisa Touch Works

The MonaLisa Touch in Houston is a laser technology therapy treatment that stimulates healthy regrowth of thinning vaginal walls.

During the MonaLisa Touch Treatment, Dr. Christi uses a fractional CO2 laser to apply focused heat energy onto the areas of unhealthy vaginal tissue.This gently removes them, stimulating the underlying tissue to regenerate new, healthy tissue. Dormant cells in the vaginal wall “awaken” and increase blood vessels, elastin, and collagen generation.

MonaLisa Touch takes about 5 minutes, requires no surgery, and is painless!


EmFemme 360™️

Decreased arousal from loss of sensation along with vaginal dryness can put the kibosh on those romantic hopes and expectations. Many women need vaginal tightening and plumping to reinvigorate the pleasure of sexual intimacy.

EmFemme 360 only takes 8 minutes, and can return tightness and lubrication to your vagina.

How EmFemme 360 Works

The EmFemme 360 system applies radiofrequency inside the vagina to comfortably heat the deeper tissues. Fibroblasts reside in these regions, and this heat therapy turns them back into fibrocytes. 

After this transition, those cells return to building up collagen and blood flow. This helps the vagina feel tighter and plumper.

EmFemme 360 also tightens the labia, rejuvenating the tissue and improving lubrication. The heating element can further be utilized to treat medical conditions such as pain, muscle spasms and lack of circulation.

EmFemme 360 comes in 3 separate handpieces, including two full length probes. This provides complete 360 degree coverage of the treatment area. This technology is proven, completely safe, and pain-free. 



After having children, you may have noticed a number of changes to your vagina, your labia, and your enjoyment of sex. Many women suffer the same consequences.

Or you might be entering or are in menopause, which offers its own set of detrimental effects on the pleasures of sexual intimacy—including urinary incontinence.

Much of the issues are caused by a weakened pelvic floor. For non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for your pelvic floor, there’s nothing like taking a seat in the EMSella chair!

What is EMSella?

To help with vaginal rejuvenation near you, EMSella treatment employs high frequency electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to cause the muscles of your pelvic floor to contract. Think of it like doing Kegels.

However, during a 30 minute EMSella session, you’ll do about 10,000 to 11,000 “Kegels”! 

How EMSella Works for Vaginal Rejuvenation Near you

Your pelvic floor muscles control your urethra, your anus/rectum, and your vagina. When you rebuild those muscles, you’ll have improved control of your continence, plus your vagina will feel tighter because the muscles there can contract better. This can improve sensation for both you and your partner.

An EMSELLA treatment also encourages the production of fibroblasts and collagen, which help make the tissues of the vagina, labia and clitoris more sensitive. This improved ability for stimulation heightens sexual sensation and leads to an improved female orgasm.



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Let’s start with a fact: each woman’s labia minora and majora are considered medically normal, regardless of size and shape. You. Are. Normal.

But when age, genetics, childbirth, or declining hormone levels lead to unwanted changes in the appearance of your labia, you may want to reduce the their size for any number of reasons:

  • Pain/irritation
  • Comfort
  • Preferred aesthetics
  • Self-confidence
  • Increased risk of UTI

Labiaplasty surgery allows women to return their enlarged or droopy labia to its previous smaller, symmetrical shape and size. 

How Labiaplasty Works

As part of vaginal rejuvenation in Houston, MedSpa at ChristiMD offers labiaplasty as a cosmetic surgery procedure. It tailors the labia minora (inner “lips”) or labia majora (outer “lips”) to be more functional and/or aesthetically pleasing.

During surgery, Dr. Christi trims the lips and reconfigures them for a smaller, symmetrical appearance. Labiaplsty most commonly adjusts/corrects the labia minora so they don’t extend or droop below the labia majora.

Dr. Christi usually performs this outpatient surgery with general anesthesia. Some women elect for sedation and a local block. Either way, you’ll feel no pain during labiaplasty surgery.

Labiaplasty Downtime

Unlike most of the non-surgical treatments for vaginal rejuvenation near me, labiaplasty requires a recovery period. You may experience significant swelling and discomfort. The compassionate staff at MedSpa at ChristiMD will do whatever possible to make things more comfortable for you. 

A few days of rest is highly suggested. Sexual activity can be resumed 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, when you are completely healed .


Childbirth creates new life, new joys, and new challenges. It also creates new sexual health issues for a large number of women.

Vaginal childbirth stretches vaginal walls significantly so that the baby can pass through the pelvis. Frequently the walls do not fully recover and remain loose. This looseness can impact sexual function as well as bladder and bowel function. Many women complain of feeling stretched out, and not having the enjoyment and response during intercourse that they had earlier in their lives.

With vaginoplasty surgery at MedSpa at ChristiMD, we can effectively treat these issues and provide lasting vaginal rejuvenation! Vaginoplasty tailors vaginal walls to restore vaginal girth back to normal configuration.

How Vaginoplasty Works

This procedure requires skillful excision of excess tissues, and relocating connective tissues and muscles back together in the midline. Dr. Christi has performed thousands of vaginoplasties in the past two decades.

Vaginoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure that lasts about an hour, under general anesthesia. During the surgery, Dr. Christi will remove the correct amount of tissue from the wall and underlying layers of the vaginal structure. 

Once this is done, the incision will be sutured back together. This procedure increases the ability to feel the vaginal walls during intercourse, and restores sexual function for both partners. Dr. Christi has mastered striking the perfect balance between being tightened, but not too tight.

As an outpatient surgery, you get to return home the same day. 

Vaginoplasty Downtime

You’ll need to rest for several days after your surgery. The healing period generally lasts 6 to 8 weeks, during which time you need to avoid heavy lifting, straining and intercourse. 

Once you have healed, you will have an enhanced sexual experience, with more feeling and enjoyment. Most partners also experience improved sensation during intercourse, too!

Find Vaginal Rejuvenation Near You at MedSpa at ChristiMD!

There’s no need to be quiet about, or resign yourself to, a less than satisfying orgasm. These 6 types of vaginal rejuvenation near you at MedSpa at ChristiMD have brought back the pleasure and drive for great sex in women across Houston, TX. 

Join the rejuvenation revolution today when you schedule your consultation. Contact us with your questions on these or any of our treatments. Ask about combining several of our aesthetic treatments to create your own personalized “Mommy Makeover.” 

We’ll talk openly, honestly and with compassion about your goals and your personal wellness journey. Today is your day at MedSpa at ChristiMD.

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