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Vaginal Tightening Laser in Katy

MonaLisa: More Than Just a Vaginal Tightening Laser in Katy

You might already be familiar with the regenerative power of CO2 lasers as a facial treatment. But did you know they can also be used to optimize your sexual health? 

The MonaLisa Touch is an extremely gentle fractional CO2 laser that can stimulate your vaginal tissue to regenerate, produce more collagen and elastin, increase blood flow and blood vessels, increase in volume, and produce more lubrication when you need it the most.

If you think you could benefit from a vaginal tightening laser in Katy, the MonaLisa Touch might be the perfect treatment for you. At ChristiMD Medical Group, we don’t believe anyone should have to quietly endure vaginal dryness, pain, and discomfort. 

We’re here to listen and provide the care you need to look and feel like the empowered woman you are—strong, sexy, comfortable, and confident in your body. 

Lasers Where?

CO2 lasers can do more than resurface the face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With the Mona Lisa vaginal tightening laser in Katy, you can get relief from the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, lichen sclerosus, and genitourinary syndrome of menopause (or GSM). 

And unlike laser skin resurfacing, MonaLisa Touch laser treatments are painless. During the procedure, the probe is inserted into the vagina, and the laser is then used to target the vaginal tissue on all sides.

This eliminates the dry, irritated, and unhealthy tissue and stimulates your body to generate healthy new tissue. As that new tissue develops, your vaginal walls will thicken, become plumper, generate more collagen and elastin, and have more blood flow. 

One of the biggest benefits of more blood flow is increased lubrication. But that isn’t the only benefit. You’ll also get a buildup of good bacteria which help prevent urinary tract infections. Increased blood flow benefits the whole area, including the bladder, providing relief from the predictable unpredictability of urinary incontinence. 

Is MonaLisa Touch for You?

A woman uses the touch screen on the MonaLisa Touch platform, adjusting the settings to provide individualized vaginal tightening and restoration


Dramatic drops in estrogen are an eventual part of life for most women, usually due to menopause. But that doesn’t mean you have to simply put up with pain, discomfort, and life disruptions caused by low estrogen.

MonaLisa Touch is more than a vaginal tightening laser in Katy—it can improve your overall pelvic health and get your body and mind back on the same page. Relieving symptoms can reopen the door to the pleasure you deserve and help you radiate the confidence of years before.

Get Started

At ChristiMD Medical Group, we are forever studying sexual dysfunction and working to provide the best options for optimizing your sexual health. 

Our vaginal tightening laser in Katy can help revamp your intimate relationships, including the most intimate relationship of all: your relationship to your own body. 

Contact one of our professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff with any questions you may have about getting MonaLisa Touch treatments in the Houston area.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Christi, and let’s find the appropriate treatment to give you a boost toward better intimacy.

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